Let go of the small surface and curl up facing away from the female, waiting for the journey to end while keeping quiet, then decide to stay quiet until I'm reunited with Carla again.

"You spoke?!"

I let go of the surface beneath the barrier before curling up away from the other female. I shut my eyes, choosing to ignore her. This woman seemed unsure that what she was doing was right, proof enough for me that it wasnt.

"Did you just speak?!" The female seemed to realise I wasn't going to speak again, and settled back into her seat.

Meanwhile I was still curled up on the 'leather' What was that sound I made? I had sounded like a human. I played with my voice for a bit, opening and closing my mouth trying to form the words I'd heard, but without making a sound. 

As the night drew on I noticed the woman was asleep. She had seemed tired. I took the opportunity to lift my tail and search for Carla. I needed to get back to her, however there didn't seem to be any life in this tunnel outside me and the woman. I tried but it seemed I was unable to enter her mind while she was sleeping.

Eventually the large box came to a screeching halt. As the female started to stir I reaised that this was my last chance, kind though she seemed I sensed that if I left with her now no good would follow. But it seemed she, too, realised that play time was over. Without speaking she lifted her coat...

"Dragon!" I heard Carla's voice at the entrance of the tunnel!

Without thinking I lashed out at the other female, I closed my jaws around her abdomen and saw the familier dark puddle spread across her clothes.

"I never meant to..." I watched the panic in her eyes as she held  her hand over her stomach and the colour drained from her features until she was still.

I wasted no time. I stood up again putting my front claws onto the little ledge and saw Carla through the forcefield. I froze. She was crying, her face was caked in mud and what looked like dried blood. I called ouyt to her with my new found voice.


She didn't seem to hear, she just stood there scared, bloody and crying on the side of the ladders.

I lifted my tail high in the air but I couldn't feel her.But she was there! It must be something in this box or forcefied that stopped me for some reason. As I continued to call out I once again felt the box start to move. No I needed to get to Carla! What do I do?!

The End

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