Go down the same tunnel the cat did earlier

I felt I had no choice. It may have been strange, but maybe the cat was right...

Checking there were no humans I glided down, then dived into the same tunnel it had gone through.

My tail started tingling again as I landed, but I couldn't make contact... But I WAS picking up that she - along with other humans - had been here recently.

I went to step into the ground where a ladder was embedded, and was jolted backwards by a strong yet painful force of some kind.

Getting to my feet and shaking it off, I noticed my tail glowing.

It stopped after a few seconds, but I had been so entranced that by the time I looked back where I was facing, a human had walked over and placed something big and heavy around me.

I struggled as I felt them pick it up, then stopped as I listened. I could hear beeping noises, then the human's voice, that of a young - yet older than Carla - female.

"I think I've found it, Crissie. Send the S-T-P-21 along."

I heard something snap shut as the person at the other end of the conversation replied, then listened as I raised my tail, using her eyes and ears.

She had looked to the wall near where I'd come in, and it was moving... So was the ground, it too was moving to make a path for the box-looking thing that, when it had mad itself comfortable on the ladders, she opened the door to and got in, carrying me with her.

Once the door had shut, (the wall and ground moving back into place) I watched though her eyes still as she typed onto a surface she was touching. The box moved suddenly, moving at a very fast speed, and the thing covering me came off as I struggled not to fall off her lap.

I lowered my tail as she looked down at me, and looked back at her. She smiled, and I could sense the same kind of friendliess coming from her as had come from the lady in the INN.

"Hello, sorry about putting the coat over you. I needed to get you without being hurt..."

She reached a hand towards me. I watched it, but friendly as she seemed, I wasn't going to hesitate biting her.

She seemed to pick this up and moved her hand away, looking out of the front of the box.

I became curious and tried standing up on my hind legs, nearly falling when she caught me and lifted me up, putting me on the surface in front of the seemingly invisible barrier holding us in.

I knew something was there as I tried to walk closer and failed, bumping my snout on the cold, hard barrier.

I turned to her as she stifled a strange noise and replaced it with "Are you alright?", and tilted my head in response.

She raised her hand to me and I lowered my head, deciding not to attack her, and she started to stroke me almost like Carla did. She spoke as she did this.

"Um... I've had to catch you before those other humans found out. My group of people, or humans, are looking for creatures like you, but we'd like your kind to help us. I promise we won't hurt you, and you'll live how you want while you're with us."

She smiled again, and I jumped back down to her lap, then onto the surface next to her, identical to what she was sitting on. It felt strange under my short talons, but it was a pleasant strange. I couldn't help scraping them over to enjoy the feel more, but stopped when the human reached over and held my paw in her hand.

"Well, now I know you like leather, but scratching this isn't a good idea... We'll give you a whole room of it to scratch when we get to base, which'll be.... " She paused to look at the surface she was tapping before, again. "In a few minutes."

I stopped and sat on the "leather" instead, looking back at her.

"Oh, I'll warn you now, we will be doing some tests on you, some we'll have to make you temporarily sleep for, in order for us to understand why we need you to help us..."

A strange look appeared on her face suddenly, and she looked away, lowering her voice.

"Why am I talking to a foreign creature...? It probably doesn't understand me..."

I placed a paw on her leg again, causing her to look over at me.

"You... You do understand, don't you...?"

I nodded. And remembered Carla suddenly. I needed to get back to her.

I turned in the opposite direction and stood on my back legs again, but my front legs were latched onto the small surface in front of the smaller but still seemingly invisible barrier.

Carla... Her name went around in my head, over and over again. I could feel the word trying to move towards my mouth...

Reflected in the barrier I saw the female's look of surprise as I heard a sound like the humans made come out of my own beak.


The End

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