Wait for a bit then climb the wall and start searching for her by walking along the rooftops.

I had to find Carla as soon as possible. I first considered flying around the city, however I didn't want to attract attention so I climbed up the wall and started to tip-toe over the buildings gingerly.

Suddenly I stopped dead in my tracks, there was something wrong with my brain! I was hearing voices!

"Dragon you shouldn't  be in a city with all these people."

I looked up and was faced with a pair of bright, yellow eyes with narrow pupils. They were framed by a furry dark brown face with long whiskers. The cat seemed to be frothing at the mouth and had it's head turned on the side, it's yellow eyes were rolling in their sockets. This cat seemed... Strange.

"How do that?" My thoughts came out as a chirrup. This creature was not speaking, yet somehow their voice was inside my mind!

"Cats have many powers. You shouldn't be here dragon! It was no coinsidence that you were seperated from your girl, take the advice of a cat and fly as far away as you can. Those men want you and will stop at nothing!"

Before I had chance to respond it had run across the tiles of the building we were stood on and dived into the crowds below. I watched it walk into some kind of tunnel that went underground and it vanished from sight.

I choose to ignore the cat (on the basis it seemed mentally unstable.) And instead continued on my search for Carla. I walked for hours, until the sun started to set, with my tail raised high in an attempt to make contact with her. Suddenly it began to work! I felt Carla first, before sliping into her head.

"Help me!!! Please someone! Let go!" She was being dragged away through what looked like a road, with lots of ladders on the ground and a damp, concrete ceiling up above.

Suddenly I felt her pain and fear peak, and I lost contact.

I ran around the rooves in a blind panic, desparately searching. I flew from rooftop to rooftop, looking all around for my poor Carla. Where was she?! I searched all around the ground, she wasn't anywhere in sight... Oh no! She wasn't visible at all but I knew she was nearby.

The End

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