To the east, toward a large city

I tried to get her to think about heading towards the city, but finding some place out of human eyes to change clothes so hopefully nobody would recognise her.

It worked and she got changed, then headed in the direction of the city, looking around at the signs.

While she was looking around, strangers looking at her as they passed - none, thankfully, recognising her under the hood she was wearing - I realised I could hear her thoughts, very faintly, but I could hear them.

'Maybe it's best if we travel at night... Where would be the best place to go for the daytime, then...?'

I was very curious about the strange poles with arms sticking out in random directions, each of them saying different things.

'Perhaps a crowded place would be better...?'

She wandered down the street, ignoring the people she passed, only speaking when someone bumped into her or she bumped into someone.

I could suddenly sense something bad about to happen when the bag moved so fast I was knocked about roughly in it again. I lost contact with Carla as I felt another flying feeling, hearing someone's running footsteps and Carla's voice.

"Hey, get back here! Give my bag back!"

I could hear the heavy breathing of the male - it smelt like - as he ran away from her and the other humans, leaving them rapidly further behind with each step.

Cautiously lifting my tail, I connected with him and saw walls rushing past, he was in a dirty area of the city. He was running past skips and sewer entrances. He slowed down as he got to one of these entrances and lowered himself down, taking me with him.

I could hear echoing drips of water, and the smells of rotting corpses and food among others were so strong and bad that I fought to not bring my breakfast back up.

I heard another voice, and older male's.

"Hey, what you got there, man?"

"I dunno, but it's got to be good, it seems pretty heavy..."

"Might we have some luck today?"

"Maybe, maybe not..."

I curled up and covered my face with my extra limbs as they opened the bag.


One of the picked me up by the back of the neck with one hand. I kept my extra limbs where they were.

"What is this...?"

They turned me over to look at me from all angles, and I fought to keep them there. One of the males went to move them.

Before I knew what happened, my tail had swiped across the guy, striking him. I heard a gagging sort of noise, then a thump as I saw him collapse and hit the ground.

The other male dropped me. I landed and hissed at him loudly, spreading my extra limbs to make myself seem bigger than I really was. This worked and he ran off, emitting strong fear. I saw the body of his friend near me and backed off slightly.  I could smell and see his blood running from his throat, and there was some of his on my tail-blade... But this blood I wasn't going to taste.

That was another human I'd killed... Maybe I really AM dangerous... Either way, I need to get out of here... I have to get back to Carla...

Looking around, I noticed the opening was uncovered still, so I flew up it and landed by the closest opening, cautiously looking around at the busy street.

Carla was nowhere in sight. I sat down in the shadows by stayed where I was, hoping to see her soon.

She must be so worried about me... What do I do now...?

The End

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