The men don't come back, we sleep peacefully until next morning, then see we're on the news.

I slept peacefully all night, only waking occasionally when Carla would twitch or murmur in her sleep. Poor human. I woke to find bloody scraps of meat in a dish just inside the room, I was hungry so I quickly gulped them down, before gently nudging Carla awake. I chirruped. She stirred, smelling of sleep, and stretched before scooping me up and taking me downstairs. 

"G' mornin' hunny! Wow what a cute frog!" The old woman seemed busy, rushing around clearing tables and putting out bowls.

"Good morning!" Carla yawned. I looked at the old lady, it didn't seem like she was going to let Carls in on the events from the night before.

"Anyhow here's your breakfast and I'll put on some televison for you." She tuned in the glowing box, which I took to be television, and sat back with her own breakfast.

*Last night a very dangerous animal was stolen from a goverment testing facility. The creature was of unknown species, but police suspect that it was stolen by this girl. They ask that if you have any information about her whereabouts you contact them imediatley.*

A look of horror hit both Carla and the lady simultaneously as the picture of my friend flashed up on screen. Carla just sat there gormless whilst the kind lady spured into action. She packed a suitcase with clothes, food and other such nessecities to hand to Carla.

"Now darlin' you can stay as long as you want, but I reckon if you stay still long enough they're gonna catch you and your lil' dragon."

Carla's face started to get wet again.

"Thank y-"

"Now there's no time for any of that! Take this and get!"

Carla nodded her wordless thanks before putting me in her bag again, taking her bag and heading our the door.

"Good luck kid." Murmered the kind lady after the door slammed shut.

Now we were out in the open again, Carla seemed less panicked this time, more sure of herself. I looked through her eyes, she was calmly trying to work out where would be the safest place to go.

The End

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