The woman lies and says she hasn't seen her

I bared my teeth and tensed, growling softly within my throat, ready to attack them. Then relief washed over me as I heard her answer.

"I might 'ave... What's it to you?"

I peeked through a gap between the bottles and saw one of them pull out a small piece of paper, and the lady looked at it. The pause was tension filled...

"I think I saw someone run by earlier... What'd she look like?"

"About so high..." He held his hand to about his chest. "Dark hair, bright eyes... in fact, this is her."

I watched them pull out another piece of paper, one which looked exactly like my friend. I suddenly smelt fear emitting from the woman, and crouched, ready to pounce.

"Yeah, I seen her run past here a bit ago..." She leaned out of the doorway to point down the road the way we were headed before.

"She looked like she was in a hurry, and she looked pretty tired so she couldn't have got too far..."

The men nodded in thanks and set off in the direction, and I relaxed as I watched her shut the door, emitting relief. I went to move to head back to the stairs but one of my extra limbs twitched, knocking the bottle I was hiding behind over the edge of the shelf.

The resulting crash made her look in my direction, and I cowered again, watching her come closer. Her eyes were filled with curiosity, but she was giving off a scent of friendliness. She spoke softly to me as she lifted me off the shelf and onto the counter.

"Well, I've got a feeling you came with that girl... You must be what them men are looking for, eh...? I'll admit you're special, at least you ain't a rat!"

She laughed as I wondered what a "rat" was. She picked me up again and headed over to the stairs, holding me up so I wouldn't have far to go.

"Don't worry, I'll keep you two a secret. If I see those men come back again, I'll come get you. Now I think you'd better keep low if you're on the run. Go get some sleep, I'll bring some food up for you and her in a bit. I suspect you'd like meat, and I've always got scraps... If the scraps don't fill you up, you can hunt around for some rats later once the coast is clear - That would do me an' my hubby a big favour..."

She looked towards the windows as I jumped onto the highest step I could, turning to watch her.

"I don't think they're going to give up their search anytime soon... Go on then, lil'un."

I made my way back upstairs and to the room. Carla was still asleep, but her dreams were disturbed. I didn't want to interfere either way, so I put my mind onto other things.

"Meat". "Rats"... The lady had said I could eat them... So they were "meat"...?

I licked my snout subconsciously and remembered the attack on the man from earlier... The blood was dried, but it had tasted salty and sweet... I wondered what "rats" tasted like...

I lay down next to Carla, resting my head on my paws, watching her until my own brain shut down, and sent me into an uneasy sleep. I hoped those men weren't going to come back...

The End

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