She would manage to get to and out of the gate without being seen.

A moment later we were off again in full frenzy! I clung tight to the bottom of the bag as I was jostled around. I once again lifted my tail to see through her eyes, I saw the scenery blur past, and felt panic and exhaustion filling the girl.

Finally I saw what looked to be the gate. The girl was tired now, it seemed these "humans" didn't have much stamina. I chirruped to try and calm her but she was too scared and exhausted  for it to do any good. Suddenly I heard a massive noise that terrified me! It was such a loud bang that it seemed to make a the other subtle sounds in the area shut up. 

I listened through my ears and then the girls. The dogs, who had been fighting and scuffling this whole time were eeriely quiet. I heard a cry from one of them, the one who had touched my nose. The "humans" couldn't understand of course, but he was telling me to get out. Now.

Luckily we were already outside. As I looked through the girls eyes I saw what looked like giant, barless cages speeding past. They had huge round disks which span too fast to see and, upon closer inspection, they contained "humans".  

The girl stopped for a moment to catch her breath but before I even had time to cling to the bottom of the bag she was off, trying to put as much distance between us and the place with the giant cage as possible. She ran down the road until we reached a small building. It had a roof made out of the same thing that had been covering the ground in the place I was born and it had a dark wooden sign saying 'INN' on the side.

I didn't know what an INN was but I could sense the relief coming from the girl. It seemed that INN's were good places. It was getting dark so the girl thought it would be best if we went inside.

When we entered the first thing that hit me was the smell. It smelt fantastic! It smelt of alchol and cigaretes, of old burning wood and meat. I liked INN's.

"What can I do you for darlin'?"

I looked through the girls eyes to find myself looking down at a female human. She had brown skin, and seemed to be shorter than other humans. She had a kindly look in her eyes and seemed to be weathered with age.

"Umm.... How much is it to stay the night?"

"Well we've got a special deal on at the mo'. Free for lil' girls on the run! And if they're tired and hungry they get free dinner and breakfast an' all! So what's your name hun?"

"I'm Carla." Came the tired response.

"Well Carla your room is upstairs on the left! Just come down when you want to eat."

"The girl smiled her thanks and made her way up the stairs. They were winding and far apart, her tired feet kept slipping on the way up. Eventually we reached the room in question, where she colapsed onto the fluffy bed and I crawled out of the bag onto the matress next to her. I chirupped gently as she stroked my back and spoke to me. It was mainly just sleepy rambleings but I managed to catch that she was the daughter of some kind of "mad scientist" (whatever one of those was) and that I had just been resuced from a "testing facility". She then closed her eyes and let her brain shut down.

I waited until it was night before I decided to use my wings and examine the INN. I swooped down the staircase and landed on something that said 'BAR' on it. I hid behind a bottle as I heard the woman from earlier approach. Shortly afterwards I heard a pesistant banging on the door, when the woman answered it I shrank back in fear. The humans from earlier were back.

"Excuse me miss have you seen a young girl with a brown leather bag?"

What next?!

The End

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