Get the girl to run out of the cell while the guard is distracted

Sensing the area was clear, I chirped and nudged the bag, trying to get her attention while telling her to move.

She seemed to understand as I suddenly heard her footsteps while feeling the flight sensation again, but this time I dug my claws into the bottom of the bag, tensed and ready to attack anyone else should we be caught.

I felt my tail lift and tingle by itself, next thing I knew I was seeing through her eyes. The walls, rooms and doors she passed were a blur, until she saw a set of red double doors with the "writing" "FIRE EXIT" above it, pushing the bar and letting us out into the sunlight.

I watched her look around, backing up to the shadowed wall, peeking around the corner. There were more "humans" around the entrance that I had seen earlier. I moved my own head to look around behind us as though she was moving hers - but her's stayed in the same place and her vision was not affected.

I could sense another presence near us, but it wasn't "human"...

I poked my head out of the bag and my tail dropped, stopping my seeing-from-her-point-of-view, and climbed out, gliding to the ground and heading to the other corner.

She noticed the weight lift and ran in my direction, going to catch me.

"What are you doing?!" She hissed at me, managing to catch me and taking a look around the corner first, quickly ducking out of sight while holding me back.

"Those are dogs, and trained to be vicious ones at that... They'd kill any human or creature that wandered into this area..."

I struggled out of her grip, and before she could stop me I'd bounded up to these creatures - big skinny-looking blacky-brown mammals with ears sticking straight upwards, along with big dripping fangs and a hungry look in their eyes.

They got up and came over to me, and I cowered on purpose, letting them sniff me while curling my tail around my leg, all the while sensing my friend's fear.

After what seemed like forever, they stopped and sat in front of me, and I stood back up. I chirped to them, and they tilted their heads to the side at me, though I knew they understood.

I explained that I needed them to distract the guards while my friend and I escaped.

They both nodded, one nudged my snout with his nose to seal it. As he did so, I had a funny feeling we'd meet again...

I ran back in her direction then back to the corner, waited for her to follow then thumped my tail onto the ground as the cue, climbing back into her bag a second later.

The piercing whine of the dogs started up, getting the guards' attention. They had agreed to play fight but make it seem real enough to distract them.

My tail tingling again, we watched as they went around the other corner, to see what the noise was about as barking, growling and snarling started.

She took one foot around the corner and I hoped we would make it in time as I held onto the bottom of the bag again...

The End

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