Take it back to my friend and have her say she was given it in case she were caught.

I decided it would be best to get back to my friend as quickly as possible and bring her the note. I noticed a vent just above me, my limbs were feeing stronger now so I decided to attempt to fly up. I flapped my extra limbs for a bit, like before and luckily for me I was soon off the ground and speeding into the vent. A bit of persuasion from my snout was all that was needed to open it and the next thing I knew I was speeding along the cool vent system.

It wasn't long before I looked down and noticed my friend in the large cage beneath me. Yet more persuasion from my beak and this vent too gave way. I glided down into the room. (I was getting used to these appendages)

"You're back! I thought you'd left me!" The girl looked up at me with her damp face and stretched her mouth into the shape of a bow. I landed on her shoulder and passed the note to her. As she read her mouth became even wider and I could smell the happiness she emitted for miles.

"This is brilliant! You clever little..." As I looked at her face her eyes scanned over me, she took in my claws and snout.

"You didn't.... Arrg you stupid animal!!! We could have been free!" Her anger shook me! What was wrong? That note said we could go!

The girl put her hands in her head and made a strange sobbing sound. I wondered what I had done. After all I got out and found the note didn't I? I tried to comfort her but she was inconsolable. I then noticed a little cup of water she had been left and peered into it. It was then I noticed the red stains on my snout and beak. It must have come from the "human" I killed earlier. I then noticed that the sobbing had stopped.

"You are a dragon. It's hardly surprising is it? These people knew there was no way you could go your entire life without hurting anyone. It's in your blood." She gave a scary fake laugh and ripped the note to shreads.

"I tried to help you! That note said we could both go as long as you didn't hurt anyone! Why couldn't you do that one simple thing?"

 She laid on her back and looked up at the ceiling. I was confused and hurt by her reaction, I think she sensed it beacuse she then rolled on her side and ran her hand over me like before. It was comforting, as though she was saying 'It's ok I don't blame you.' I sat there enjoying the stroke for a moment before a guard opened the door of the cage. She quickly swept me into her bag.

"What did you have there?"

Before she got a chance to answer she was interrupted by a shout from another guard.

"Oh my god! Paul!"

The guard that had opened the door turned quickly to face his colleague. I knew something very bad would happen unless I got out of there right now. My scrambled mind didn't have much time to think up a good plan. What should I do?!

The End

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