Escape and try to rescue the girl

After thinking about the situation, I took one last look at the girl before heading over to the wall and started climbing, my claws latching onto the tiny ledges and cracks that were too small for the "human" feet.

I would have used my wings, but they felt heavy still.

Reaching the window ledge, I looked back down at the girl, who looked back up at me.

Our eyes locked as I turned, seeing - with a feeling of joy and luckiness - a thick tree near where I was stood, and a branch held itself out to me.

I squeezed through the bars, tucking in my extra limbs as the girl had done earlier, and prepared to jump.

For the few seconds I soared before landing, my extra limbs spread out, giving me more distance before my claws scraped the rough wood surface.

Checking the surrounding area for any of the "humans", I scrambled down the tree and headed to what seemed the main gate.

Stopping by a bush, I saw two of them, each holding something that gave off the smell of death. The items were long black and brown objects with rusty silver barrels.

I spied a large crack - large enough for me, just about - and crawled through it, then sped along the inside of the wall, expecting any moment to hear a shout from the "humans".

None came, and I got to another window. Stopping to listen, I could hear a faint scratching.

Curiosity overwhelming me, I climbed the wall, peeked over the ledge and looked down.

I could see the top of a "human" head. It was shiny and hairless, and seemed to be bent down.

I climbed down as stealthily as I could, but stopped to see what was on the surface on whatever he was doing. I could see a thin object moving swiftly across the surface. Staring back to the "human" head for a few seconds, I gathered that they were "pen" and "paper", and the symbols on the "paper" was "writing".

A plan subconsciously gathered in my head, and I climbed backwards towards the window but stopped where I could reach him by pouncing, without being seen.

Timing, I watched him raise his head, move his neck - listening to the strange sound it made in the process - then lower it again.

I pounced, sinking my sharp little fangs into the back of the neck where I had sensed it was most vulnerable.

This happened so fast the man didn't have time to alert anyone, and I blinked, realising what I'd done.

I jumped onto the bigger, smoother surface, and panic overwhelmed me. He'd done me no harm... But if it was to save me and my friend, I suppose it was worth it.

I looked at the "paper" and studied the "writing" carefully. Then, moving to a fresh piece, I picked up the "pen" and started to copy some of the "writing".

Finishing, I put the object down and looked over my work.

"Decision from the Guards and Scientists of 'Logical Experiments Inc' : - Assuming that the creature with the girl has shown no sign of violence, the two charged may be released but kept under a watchful eye.

Jail Receptionist,

Bill Henry."

 That went well... Now how to get one of the others to see it without seeing this "human"...? I knew that as soon as the door to the bigger caged box was opened, I'd kill the other "human" while giving the girl a chance to escape alongside me.

I thought up a few plans, but which one should I choose...?

The End

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