Agreeing - Trust.

I stood there growling for a moment, feeling the girls panic intensify by the second. She kept looking round, as though to ensure the two of us were alone. It appeared that time was of the essence, and this girl hadn't harmed me to my knowledge, so I silenced my growling.

"Oh thank you!" Cried the girl, though it was more of a whisper, and she gave of a scent of relief.

She then let go of my snout and I flopped it and my extra limbs onto the table, thinking my work was done. Until I felt them suddenly being pinned into my sides again, and before I knew it I was being suspended and then plunged into the darkness of her bag. I gave a loud chirrup of surprise.

"Shhh!" Came a sudden hissing sound from the girl.

"Who's in there?" This voice was not the girls. It sounded male, and it sounded dangerous. I smelt adreneline rush through my new found friend.

Suddenly I felt my self being thrown around in the dark leather bag, I was flying at such speed! The girl must have been running as fast as she could. I heard the sound of the automatic doors whoosh open and we were in the corridor.

"Hey! What's in that bag?! What were you doing in there?!"

I heard the shouts approach faster and me and the girl continued on our flight path.

"Hey stop!"

This voice was approaching from the other side. We were trapped. I heard the girl pant and the smell of her panic was overwhelming. Suddenly I was richocheing off the sides of the bag in an even rougher manner than before, the fear and force caused me to black out once again...

When I awakened I was still in the bag, but it was lying still on a cold floor. I peeked out cautiousy, hoping the men were still gone. My vision was shaper now, probably the result of so many hits to the head, and I could make out the girl slumped on the floor next to me. I could also see that we were in another one of those caged boxes, only this one was bigger and more intimidating.

The girls rolled her eyes to look at me. She had water running down her cheeks for some reason, and her eyes looked red.

"It's going to be ok. We are in a prison, because I shouldn't have been in the room where you were. In a minute they will work out that you're missing, and they'll come in here and find you. I'm sorry."

She sounded Injured. Her voice was quiet and monotone, and she looked into space as she spoke. I noticed that the was a small window, very high up. I could just about fit through the bars covering it. I don't have much time, what should I do?

The End

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