Entering: Anachronistic in the Modern World...

A young creature - not from this time period - has just been hatched into this new world - Will he decide to fight against or with the humans...? Or both....? And is he the only one of his kind....??

... Chink.... ... Chink...! ... Chink! ... CHINK!

The wall - or shell - of my egg vibrated with each attack of the thing making the noise as it got louder and louder, presumebly closer and closer.


I heard it stop as that noise happened, pausing for a second before slowly carrying on.

Knowing my protection was swiftly failing, I started - despite feeling like I was covered in goo - to open my eyes.

As the shell of the egg fell, me along with it, onto the cold soil ground, which I could feel through the goo covering my entire body.

My vision was fuzzy and stretched, but I could hear the gasps of those around me, then the voices lowered as they started to whisper to eachother.

I started to smell the scents of the outside world as my claws, blunt though they were, sliced neatly through the goo, allowing me to have more freedom for my limbs. The air was mixed with the smells of the soil, sweat off the creatures and other smells from elsewhere. My vision cleared as I struggled to my four legs, my balance wavering slightly but being kept by two extra limbs stretched out either side of me from my shoulder blades, looking at each of the creatures in turn. They were wearing suits and hats, and were coloured brown by the dirt.

I watched as one, male by the smell of it, started to walk towards me, but was stopped by the others. I suddenly realised I could recognise what they were saying, as though I was tuning into their language.

"... could be dangerous!"

"But we just saw it hatch, how could it be dangerous?"

"That's what we're NOT going to find out."

As I listened, I noticed my tail and turned my head away from them. It started thick just behind my hind legs, then started to thin at towards the end, where it suddenly spread out to become a curved shape, almost like a cresent moon. It was shiny and reflective, and I moved it slightly to see my green slit-pupiled eyes looking back at my turquoise-coloured-scaled face and snout. My chest had bigger scales, like overlapping plates, and these were coloured yellow.

The creature's words caught my attention and I looked back just as another one of them was almost within touching distance.

"We should take this thing down to the lab, and they can have their fun..."

I didn't like the sound of this, and I could suddenly smell hostility emitting from them. I started to back away, feeling the urge to move the two extra limbs. I moved them up and down as my subconscious requested, and was sure I felt my toes start to lift off the ground.

The hand of the approaching creature came closest to me and I dropped, crouching down but snapping my snout up as it's hand was about to touch me.

I saw the shout of pain and recoiling as a chance to run, and I did so.

I didn't get very far when I felt something thin pierce my thigh. Stopping to look, I managed to pull out and throw away the dart while feeling my muscles giving way, trying to once again move the extra limbs, but they felt so heavy... I fell sideways and my vision started to fade. I made out the creature who's hand I'd bitten making his way over to me, putting something rough over me. It smelt heavily of the dirt, and that was the last thing I knew as blackness closed in on me...


I could feel a hand running over my head, down the back of my neck  - along the ridge running down my neck and back and down to my tail - stop then repeat the process. Feeling dizzy I opened an eye and looked around. I was in some sort of container - it was cold with a cover and bars running down all around me.


The hand stopped and moved away, and I heard a new voice, that of a young female, talking to me.

"Hey, you OK...?"

I went to make the first noise my brain could think of - a very quiet chirrup. My vision cleared up as I lifted my head, opening my other eye, and saw her smile.

"Good. Don't worry, come on..."

She carefully and quietly removed a couple of the bars imprisoning me, and moved backwards, allowing me to move.

I got to my feet and headed out towards the gap. Having got my head through, however, I found I was stuck, and lay down, hoping the female would help me.

As her hand came near me, I looked at the extra limbs. Spread out, they looked like the the creatures' arms bent backwards, going out from my shoulder blades then curving a wide arc. Thin flaps of skin kept the limbs to my back, forming something special... If only I knew what they were...

I looked back at her as she gentely pushed my snout, forcing me backwards, then reached both her hands in as she folded the limbs towards my sides comfortably and lifted me out.

She then reached down and picked up an object I recognised, which set me off hissing, showing small, sharp teeth and a snake-like tongue. Emitting the scent of panic, she clamped my jaws together to make me be quiet. I turned the muffled hiss into a deep throat growl instead, narrowing my eyes.

She lowered her voice as she looked behind her quickly.

"Please, be quiet, I'm only trying to help... I don't want the rest of the human world to know about you, you're special and I believe you need to be treated specially, but not like this..."

She put the object on the table so I could see the opening, and she held it wide with her free hand.

"I'll take care of you, I promise. If you get into my bag, I can sneak you out, and no-one will know you're gone until it's too late..."

She sneaked a peek behind her again. There was a shadow at the door's frosted window, and she lowered her voice to a whisper.

"If I take my hand away from your... uh... snout, will you be quiet...? That means no growling either, like you're doing now..."

I looked into her face. I could see she was panicking more every second. Time was running out fast...

Should I trust this girl and do what she said...?

The End

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