I rolled my shoulder, wincing at the slight pain. It will hurt from when Ailith dislocated it. My brother and I were sitting in a grassy clearing, with tall, dark trees surrounding us. Fog made it so we were unable to see anything in front of us. We couldn’t even see our own hand in front of our faces. Finn had insisted we stay in the clearing until the fog lifted, then we would go on.

As we sat, I thought back to the fury I saw in Ailith’s eyes as she hit me the first time. Then, I remembered the hatred I was when she hit me the second time. I wish I would’ve chosen to apologize. I still love her, I thought sadly.

I was sick of waiting. It was ALWAYS foggy in this part of the woods. “Come on Finn! We can’t sit around for weeks on end, waiting for the fog to lift. We’ll just have to use our other senses.” I said, a slight hint of whining in my voice. Finn sighed. “Fine.” He said, sounding annoyed.

We began to walk blindly forward, unsure of where we were heading. Finn had already fallen twice. Suddenly, I stumbled to the ground, scraping my knee against a rock. I sighed, wishing I hadn’t fallen. After awhile, Finn yelled, and someone else did too. I heard a thud, probably the two of them falling. I listened as Finn scrambled up, brushing himself off. “Dustin. I literally just ran into a girl.” He said, his voice shaking with shock.

After a few moments, the girl spoke. “I have a name you know.” She said bitterly. “Sorry. I didn’t know your name. I’m not magical, you know. And I certainly can’t read minds.” Finn retorted. I could sense the furious gaze that was being set on me. She must think I’m Finn, I realized. Not wanting to provoke two fights in one day, I thought I should settle this. “I’m Dustin, and the guy you just ran into, that’s Finn.” I said, not able to think of anything better to say. “My name’s Aria.” The girl replied, still sounding angry. This reminds me of when Ailith and I met, I thought sadly. “Where’d you even come from, Aria? We didn’t hear anyone coming towards us.” Finn asked curiously.

After a lot of talking, and a lot of explaining, we finally came to the conclusion that Aria could travel with us. Unless she ends up like Ailith. Then I swear, I’m leaving her here. I don’t need more of that drama. I have enough to handle as it is, I thought sullenly. “So. Since you’re already here, would you like something to eat?” Aria offers. “I’m sure you’re hungry, after being in the cave for so long.” I stared at her, astonished. “How did you know we were in the cave?” I asked her.

The End

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