I glare at Dustin. This will be the LAST time he ever tells someone to choose between God and Survival, I think angrily. Suddenly, the fury built on me. I will teach him a lesson that he will never forget, I silently promise myself. I offered the first move. I was the first to hit him. I smiled at his pain, as he tried to keep his eye from swelling too badly. And while he was doing that, I hit him again, this time in the mouth. He tried to choke back tears as his lip began to bleed and he spit out a tooth. Odin and Finn were standing out of the way, wondering what to do.

After awhile Dustin couldn’t hold it back anymore. He broke down into tears as I stood over him, satisfied. He was on the floor of the cave, with his hand cupped over his black eye. He spat out blood from his mouth, and he moaned from the pain in the finger I had broken. He hadn’t even bothered to do anything to his dislocated shoulder. He looked up at me. “I’ll leave you here still.” He said. He struggled to his feet, and walked towards Finn. “Have you found the way out yet?” He asked Finn. Finn nodded and led them away. Odin limped over, leaning on the crutch that Dustin and Finn had created. It was made with two long, rectangular rock spikes and some ivy. “You were great.” He said with a smile. “Thanks………Why didn’t you go with them? Don’t you want to leave me here to die, just because I’m Christian?” I asked with a snort. “Of course not. I’m Christian too. They didn’t know.” He said quietly, in case his brothers were still in hearing distance. I look around. “Do you think we should leave this cave too?” I ask him. “Not today. We’ll leave here in a couple days.” He replied, his voice confident.

A week had passed since Dustin and Finn had left me alone in the cave with Odin. I was happy with the company of him. Is it bad when the boy I’ve known for 10 days is my best friend? , I wonder. Does Odin like me back? , I silently ask myself.  However much I missed Dustin, I was still angry with him. Dustin is an atheist anyhow. I can’t be with HIM. We’d argue too much about religion. And I’ll always remember that he made me choose between God and survival. I’ll also remember that he left me to die in a cave. That will never be forgiven, if I can help it. , I think silently. Odin was sitting next to me, digging through the pockets of his back pack. “I’m trying to find us some more food. I’m not sure if we have anymore, though. And it’s still too early for us to leave here. We could easily run into Dustin and Finn again.” He says worriedly.

We were finally allowed to leave the cave, after four days of little or no food. We had finished off the last of our supplies this morning for breakfast. Now it was finally time to leave the cave. Am I ready to go out there and meet the challenges of the outside world again? , I ask myself.

The End

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