The Decision


Two days (According to Finn’s watch.) had passed since my outburst at Ailith about her being a Christian. How could I take my anger at Odin out on Ailith? I don’t believe I could’ve done something as horrible as that. Yet the proof is right in front of me. I can’t apologize now. It’s too late. I can’t step down. I’ll just have to see what she picks, and hope its survival. , I thought, my tan skin was flushed red with shame. Odin was finally awake, but I didn’t really care. Ailith was nurturing him like a little kitten with a broken leg, which just made things worse. Odin was the only one who actually seemed to approve of her religion. I don’t care. Not anymore. It’s not like she’d ever love me again, after what I said. , I added to my thoughts.

            I sat down digging through my jacket’s pocket until I found the granola bar I had put in there the day I had found Ailith. Unwrapping it halfway, I stared at my shoes. I felt like I was eating dirt, as I chewed the granola bar. I could apologize. But maybe she SHOULD choose between her religion and her survival. It ought to be interesting, what she picks. It would certainly hurt Odin more than it would me. , I thought with a murderous glint in my usually sparkling blue eyes. , I thought. With that, my decision was made. I wouldn’t apologize. I would stand and watch to see what she picked.

            I walked over to Odin and Ailith, with Finn at my side. “It’s time to choose.” I snapped at Ailith. She gulped, her dark blue eyes dull with worry. Odin glanced from me to Ailith, unsure of what was happening. Oh yeah. I forgot to tell him what had happened was he was unconscious. , I remembered. I shrugged, not thinking of it as important. “I choose God.” Ailith said, her voice giving off a ring of confidence. Finn and I exchanged astonished glance. Why did she choose God over survival? Last time I remembered, survival was more important than the lie she worships. , I thought, anger overcoming me.

 Odin had finally come to realization of what was happening. “You can’t let her die!” He shouted at me. “Sure I can. I had nearly gotten away with letting YOU die.” I retorted at him. Finn glanced at me, and then at Odin. “So he didn’t trip?” Finn asked. “Of course not! We were fighting. I shoved him, he fell, and as he fell, his leg got that scratch from a rock pillar that was near the ground!” I said, ashamed of the truth. Ailith glared at me, her eyes like blue flames of fury. “Dustin. I hate you.” She snapped at me, her hands clutched. She was literally shaking with anger. Fear lit up in my own eyes, as she took a step towards me. 

The End

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