I sat, twirling my black hair between my fingers as I waited for Dustin and Odin to come back. Where did they go? , I wonder as I heard grunting and a loud thud from somewhere further in the cave. I guess they’re just checking out what’s further back there. I wouldn’t be brave enough to do that. , I thought, admiration glowing in my dark blue eyes. How could I even think about liking Odin right now? We just met! There’s no way its right for me to fall for a guy after only like 2 hours of being with him. , I silently thought. My mind was racing as the events of the day unfolded in her memories. Tired from the long day, I mumbled a quick goodnight to Finn and I fell into a deep sleep.

            I awoke to Finn’s face, his hand shaking my shoulder. “Hurry, Ailith! Odin’s been hurt!” He shouted. Instantly, I was up on my feet, looking around shakily. “Where is he?” I asked, trying not to let my voice crack with worry. “He’s with Dustin, further back in the cave. I’ll lead you.” I nodded and tried my hardest not to trip over rocks on the floor of the cave.

            After a few stumbles, but no true falling, I reached Odin’s side. Blood stained his pant leg, and I nearly fainted when Finn rolled up Odin’s jeans to get a better view of the wound. There was a lot of blood, along with ripped skin, and I swear I could see bone. As I began to get dizzy, I looked away. “Oh Odin……….” I whispered, staring up to the ceiling of the cave. Dustin stood up and placed his hand on my shoulder. “He’ll be ok in a couple days.” He said.

            Finn was the one to suggest that he and Dustin should gather some things to make a crutch for Odin. He had told me that they would be right back. Now, it was three hours later and they still weren’t back. I sat down next to Odin, hoping he would regain consciousness.

            As I still waited for Finn and Dustin to come back, I dug through the pocket in my hoodie, feeling around for my iPod. Finally I found it, and put the earphones in. Turning on my favorite song, I leaned against the wall. A bible verse that I learned in Sunday school when I was little suddenly came into mind.

Psalm 25:4

Show me your way, O Lord. Show me your path.

            Just as I was reciting the verse, Finn and Dustin walked in, sending stones flying. “Why are you muttering quotes from those lies?” Finn snapped at her. My blue eyes widened. “I-I’m a Christian” I stutter. What do they have against Christianity? , I wonder. Dustin glared at me. “One more word about your stupid religion and we’ll leave you here, in the cave.” He threatened. Horror glinted in my eyes, as I tried to make my decision. Letting God shine in my life… Or survival? , I worriedly asked myself.

The End

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