I walked into the cave, beside Ailith, with Finn taking up the back and Odin leading.  Where does this cave even lead? , I felt like asking. As we walked deeper into the cave, water dripped from the rocky spikes of the roof. Odin let out a gasp of horror as his flashlight flickered, then turned off. I rushed forward, nearly knocking Ailith down. “Sorry!” I whispered in her ear before hurrying to Odin’s side. I felt around my back pack until I found the spare batteries. “Here” I said, handing them to my brother. “Thanks” Odin said before trying the flashlight again.

“It’s not working! Those batteries must’ve been used or something.” He said. I squinted my eyes, trying to make out some of my surroundings. “We should turn back” I finally said, after a couple of minutes. “We COULD leave. If we knew the way out” Finn muttered. Ailith gave me a panicked glance, I could feel her eyes on me. “Are we ever going to get out of here?” She asked, choking back tears. “Of course we will” Odin said comfortingly, shoving past me so he could be at her side. I tried to keep myself from shouting out with surprise at how much Odin seemed to care about her. Jealously burned in my eyes, giving them an unusual harsh glint.

Finally we sat down, deciding that it was too dangerous to continue on, or go back. Either way, we could just get lost worse then we already were. I glared at the shadowy figures of Ailith and Odin, who were sitting against the wall, with Ailith’s head on his shoulder. I can’t believe Odin would steal her from me. He obviously knows I like her.

            I walked quickly over to Odin, grabbing him by the shoulder and pulling him to the side. “How could you?” I whisper, furious. “How could I what?” He asked coolly, but sounded quite confused. “You stole Ailith from me!” I snapped, hitting him in the jaw. Odin stumbled backward a bit, in pain. Then he leaped forward, pushing me towards the cave wall. Stone spikes dug into my back as he pushed me harder into it. I pressed my sneaker against the wall, and pushed forward, knocking him down. He fell with a thud to the ground, blood beginning to spill from a long, deep cut on his leg. One of the rocks must’ve cut him, I thought. Blood trickled down my back, from where the rocky spikes had cut me. I looked down to my brother, wondering if he was even conscious anymore. I don’t care if he is or not. He stole her from me, and this is what he deserved, I thought with a furious glare at him. I had my hand in my jean’s pocket, rubbing my thumb against the sheath of my knife. I’m not angry enough to kill him... am I?

The End

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