I wandered curiously after Dustin, keeping silent. Dark, gray-black storm clouds covered the sky, and it was hard to see where I was walking. Wind blew harshly; shaking trees and making my long black hair go wild. Thunder rumbled low in the distance, and rain pattered the ground heavily. “Come on. We’ll have to run if we want to get to the house before the storm gets worse.” Dustin said, before racing off. I hurried after him, hoping I could keep up.

            Finally, I spotted a small, but cozy looking, log cabin at the end of the clay path. Lightning struck down nearby, and my eyes widened in horror as a tree lit up on fire. “Hurry! We must not stop here. We’ll fetch my brothers and leave right away.” Dustin said.

Two tall, dark brown haired boys appeared out of the woods behind the cabin. “Finn, Odin! We have to go, NOW! They nodded, and waved their hands for Dustin and I to come to them. “We’ll have to get as far away from the tree as possible. We should have time to reach the waterfall.” The taller boy said before running off. Dustin nodded and followed him, and naturally, I followed. The other boy raced ahead of me, trying to catch up with Dustin. “Who is this girl?” The boy asked. “Her name is Ailith. She ran away from her family in town.” Dustin replied flatly. With that, the boy nodded and slowed his pace enough to walk next to me. “I’m Odin.” He said with a smile. I smiled back, my dark blue eyes glowing. “I’m Ailith. Is that your brother, up at the front?” I asked, pointing to the other strange boy. “Yes, that’s Finn. He’s the oldest.” I nodded, and then picked up the speed as a blaze of fire warmed the back of my legs.

Finn and Odin were the first ones to reach the waterfall. Water tumbled from the rocks at a very fast pace. The sound of the water rushing down the rocks nearly overpowered the sound of the thunder from above. As I skidded to a halt at the edge of the pool of water, Finn waved his hand for everyone to come closer. Hidden behind the waterfall was a large and dry cave. Odin nodded in approval, grabbed a flashlight from his back pack, and led the way inside.

“When do you think it will be safe to go back to your cabin?” I ask them. “We won’t take the risk of going back there until Christmas.” Dustin said sadly. “Not until Christmas?” Odin asked. “What about the wolves? They won’t have any food after the fire ends. They’ll have to travel to a new place...” Finn added. What wolves was Finn talking about? , I wonder.

The End

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