Running Away

This is a story I wrote two years ago, so I apologize ahead of time for how horrible it is. I will, however, be editing it. Maybe I'll even add to it. I don't really know, or care. I'm simply posting this because I'm bored and I needed something to work on. So sit back and enjoy.

In the eyes of somebody who has no name and should not be of actual existence. AKA, third person: 

Ailith walked home after a long, rough day of school. She never wanted to go again; not after today. Her dark blue eyes were narrowed with anger as she walked and her pitch black hair was blowing just about everywhere, due to the heavy wind and rain. 

As she reached the front door of her house, she realized just how soaked she was. Hastily, she pulled off her combat boots, one hand holding her boots and the other gripping the doorknob. She walked in, set the pair of boots down on the mat by the door, and slumped down on the ground. 

 "How was your day, Ailith?” Her mom asked. Letting out a heavy sigh, Ailith said, “Not too well, mother. I got in trouble for fighting Chase again.” She watched her mom, waiting anxiously for a reaction.

Shaking her head in disbelief, her mother replied, “You get into too much trouble these days. Your sister was so much more behaved. Why can’t you be like her?”

Within seconds, Ailith had slid her boots back on. She called her mother a few curse words and opened the door, let herself out, and slammed it closed behind her.

            Not paying attention to where she was going, Ailith ran down a back alley and towards the forest that stood behind the street she lived on. She couldn’t stand it anymore, being compared to her sister constantly. The pressure everyone put on her to be like her sister was too much. It was obvious that she was a completely different person than her sister, so why couldn't anyone see this?

Weary and still cursing, she slumped to the ground, utterly lost. She wiped her face with the sleeve of her hoodie. She realized that the only sound she could hear was herself, and when she stopped cursing and sniffling, a horrifying silence surrounded her. She hated silence even more than being compared to people. Then, she heard shuffling behind her. Leaves rustled slightly, making it obvious the someone was approaching her. 

She leaped off the ground, instinctively brushing dirt and moldy leaves off her clothes. Before she could call out a "Who are you?", a boy around her age with light brown hair came out from behind a bush. 

The End

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