Chapter 12: The ReplacementsMature

Enter: The Traitor (sort of)

I made it back to my house around like nine in the morning. My parents were still asleep, and I didn’t really feel like sitting around in my room doing nothing.

Right on cue, I got a txt msg. Hoping it was Saul, I was surprised to see it was from Jose.

Josetastic84: yo dawg wat u up 2?

Random much?

Wi77iam: Hey Jose

Hey, that rhymed.

Josetastic84: Me and da boys r chillin at da icecreamshop today. U down?

Not like I have anything better to do.

Wi77iam: Sure, be there in fifteen

Josetastic84: Solid bro, solid

Looks like I have something to do now.

By the time I got there, Jose and his ‘boys’ were already there. They were huddled around this giant ice cream sundae thing like piranhas on a hapless antelope that fell into the river. It was simultaneously funny and disgusting.

Jose saw me coming and gestured me over with a spoon of chocolatey vanilla goo.

“Hey, over here Will!”

I sat down with them, trying to sit back to avoid getting hit by any flying frozen debris.

“Hello Jose, and friends,” I said, suddenly noticing an ant crawling toward the bowl.

The ‘boys’ kinda grunted in acknowledgement of my presence, not moving from their dripping meal. The ant was getting closer.

“So, Will, what’ve you been up to?”

It was like two inches away.

“Well, not much really. I’m in a play. We’re doing Romeo and Juliet.”

Speaking of which, I have play practice tonight. Funny, seems like it’s been forever since I’ve been to practice.

Oh, and the ant was now an inch away.

“Who are you, Juliet?”

His friends laughed at that, and then went back to eating. The ant nudged a piece of ice cream with a feeler.

“No, actually, I’m Romeo.”

The ant shakily made its way up the cold wet lump to rest at the top. It kinda just stared at me, as if it knew what was coming next.

“Oh, Romeo, Romeo, why art thou so gayeth?”

They all had a laugh at that. Then I watched Jose absentmindedly pick up the lump of ice cream and eat it.

Maybe it would be better to sit around my room and do nothing.


The Girl:

After Will left, I cleaned up a bit and then I called Courtnee. She’d been avoiding me like the plague, and I wanted to know why.

“Hello?” She picked up on like the tenth ring.

“Hey, it’s Emmy. You ok?”

“Yeah, why?”

“You haven’t talked to me in a while, just wanted to make sure everything’s ok.”

There was a pause, and out of nowhere, she broke out into tears. It was kinda pathetic.

She tried to formulate words but it came out all blubbery, so I said, “Calm down Courtnee, just slow down and tell me what happened.”

What she said next took me completely by surprise.

“D tried to rape me.”


“I mean, he stopped before he actually, took my…but…”

“That no good piece of-“

The door opened downstairs and a voice said, “Emmy, I’m home. Where are you?”

“I’ll talk to you later Courtnee, my dad just got back. And I’m going to kill D’Artagnan!”

I hung up the phone as my dad opened my bedroom door. He had an odd look on his face, one I hadn’t seen since Mom had gone.

“I just got a phone call from the neighbors.”

“What happened?”

“Mrs. White killed herself the other day.”


“Right in front of her son, apparently.”

“Oh my god.”

“I don’t know how things are between you two, but maybe you should talk to him.”

After dad left I stared at the phone for a few minutes. In the past ten minutes I’d heard news that made me want to strangle D and made me want to hold him tight and never let go.

With D’s mom gone, he had no one left.

I slowly dialed his number, but the answering machine picked up. I left a message and hoped he’d call back soon.

Life can be so god awful sometimes.


The (ex) Best Friend:

Eight o’clock.

Sunday night.

Two teenagers.

Two laser powered rifles and suits.




Audrey was a natural. She was blasting people left and right, moving too fast for anyone to really keep a bead on her long enough to hit her.

When I checked the scores halfway through the game, she was beating me by almost 30,000 points!

Luckily we were on the same team, or else it would’ve been so embarrassing getting my butt handed to me at my own game by a girl I barely knew.

“You’ve done this before, haven’t you?”

Audrey just laughed and said, “No, but I don’t know why! I’m having a blast! Behind you!”

I ducked and she took out a puny little freshman who’d been trying to sneak up on me.


“Don’t mention. Get your head in the game Saul, we’ve only got a few minutes left and they’re beating us by 500.”

When she said my name, something inside me began to beat faster.

We finished the game, barely beating the other team, but still winning nonetheless. As we hung up our gear, I could help but notice how Audrey’s sweat-stained clothing clung to her curves.

I walked her out to the parking lot and said, “That was a lot of fun.”

“Yeah,” Audrey said, wiping some sweat off her brow, “Thanks so much for inviting to come with you.”

We kinda just stood there, staring at each other for a while. There was too much tension in the air. I had to act on it now, while I still had the guts.

So I kissed her.

Audrey backed off quickly, wiping her lips as she said, “Woah, woah, hold up, what was that?”

“I thought-“

“Thought what? That this was a date?”

“Well, yeah-“

“Saul, I’m sorry but Taylor wouldn’t like me doing anything with you.”

Now this I could handle. I’ve stolen girls from their boyfriends before. Piece of cake.

“What he doesn’t know won’t hurt him,” I said with a smile.

The smile vanished as she said, “Her. Taylor’s a girl. I’m a lesbian, Saul.”

Now I was speechless.

She put on her jacket and started walking to her car, “But I did have fun tonight. Thank you. Maybe I’ll have to come again with Taylor. She’d like it too.”

I stood there and watched her drive away.

Life sucks sometimes.

I got a txt message from Will.

Wi77iam: You missed play practice dude, teacher’s pissed!

Screw the play. I need to get laid.


The (ex) Boyfriend:

(crickets chirping…crickets chirping)

The End

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