Chapter 9: It was a Dark and Stormy NightMature

Cue: A Dark and Stormy Night

When Emmy said “The next guy I saw” I dropped the phone. I quickly picked it up, put it in my pocket, and started running. I didn’t realize until I was halfway down the street that it was both pitch black out and raining. Gorgeous.

Of course, in my lust-driven sprint, I’d completely overlooked a jacket. It was muddy, it was messy, but I didn’t care. The girl of my dreams was single, lonely, and horny. It was my duty, as her ‘Romeo’, to take care of her needs.

On my way there I almost got lost, but, like a metaphorical ‘light in the dark’, the light in her window was visible when I rounded the corner of her street. I was so out of breath that by the time I made it to her front door, I was squatting, almost ready to throw up.

Suddenly, the door flew open, and a large man who smelled like a brewery glared at me. He was holding a half empty bottle of something from Kentucky in one hand, and a worn, old leather belt in the other.

I noticed with a start that behind him, on the ground, was Emmy.

Her shirt was ripped, and she was trying in vain to cover herself. Funny how the first time I get a glimpse at her beautiful chest I’m too busy staring at the bright red welts from the belt.

The man, who I assumed to be her father, growled one word at me.


In that one word was the unspoken promise that if I answered with anything other than ‘nothing sir’ he’d do to me double what he did to her. So, me being the brave ‘Romeo’ that I am, I caved.

“Nothing, sir, good night.”

As I ran back out into the night, I could’ve sworn I heard Emmy crying. I never thought I’d see her like that. And me, being her knight in shining armor, ran away and left her with the dragon. You know, you always hear about parents beating their kids, but you never think it’s anyone you know. Especially Emmy. Not Emmy.

When I was safely out of sight of their house, I stopped behind a tree to catch my breath. As I thought about what I’d just seen, and what I’d just done, I slid down against the tree and sat on the muddy ground. It soon got to where I couldn’t tell if it was rain on my face, or if I was crying.

And for your information, real men cry, ok? Gosh. Some of us are just more, sensitive, than others.

The look on her face, for that split second I saw her, that was what killed me. That look that simultaneously said, ‘help me’, ‘run’, and ‘don’t you dare tell anyone’. I didn’t know what to do. I couldn’t tell Saul, I couldn’t tell my parents, I couldn’t tell anyone.

Completely on cue, my phone vibrated in my pocket. Miraculous, it was still dry enough to work. I thought it’d be a txt from Emmy, begging me to keep her secret. Instead, it was a number I didn’t recognize.

The txt read, “Hey, you don’t know me, but it’s Saul’s friend Eve.”

I was confused, but I txted her back anyways.

Wi77iam: Hi

Eve_rlasting<3: Hey, Saul told me all about you

Wi77iam: What’s up?

Eve_rlasting<3: You seem like a cool kid, I was wondering if you wanted to hang out.

Is it against the bro code to hang out with a girl your best friend has had sex with? I guess as long as I don’t do anything with her, it’ll be ok.

Wi77iam: What did you have in mind?

Eve_rlasting<3: I’m having a few friends over tonight, just gonna chill, have a few drinks, maybe watch a movie

Certainly sounds better than sitting here in the mud. Oh $#*! I gotta change clothes first, can’t let her see me like this.              

Wi77iam: Sounds like fun. When do you want me to come over?

Eve_rlasting<3: My friends will be here any minute, so as soon as you can. I live at 151 Boulevard Ave.

That’s a few blocks away from my house. How convenient.

Wi77iam: Cool. I’ll see you soon

Eve_rlasting<3: Can’t wait babe J

Ok, now that was odd. But, no point in letting a perfectly good Friday night go to waste. Besides, it was a few friends getting together, and I could definitely use a drink.

I went home and changed into some clean clothes, remembering a jacket this time. It was a dark and stormy night on the way to Eve’s house. Wow, never thought I’d be the one saying that. It wasn’t hard to find it, and it looked pretty nice from the outside.

When I knocked on the door, it was opened by the cutest teenage girl I’ve ever seen. I mean, don’t get me wrong, I’m totally in love with whatshername, but, dam. Her hair was rainbow colored and styled wildly. She had a small piercing above her lip as well as one in her nose, and when she moved her perfect red lips to talk I saw one in her tongue. She was dressed in ridiculously tight jeans and a black lace cami that showed off both her generous cleavage and her sparkling navel piercing. A tattoo of a rose peeked over the waistline of her jeans, its stem promising endless secrets and pleasures within.

“Hi, you must be Will.”

Her voice dripped like sweet wine with the promise of an unforgettable night to come. Wow, I never talk this romantically about old whatshername.

“Come in, you got here before my friends did but they should be here soon. Don’t worry, my parents won’t be home till Sunday.”

I just stood there, until I managed to say, “Hi, my name’s Will”

Eve smiled and said “I know that silly, here, come with me.”

She reached out and grabbed my hand, pulling me inside with her. Her palm was warm against mine, and it felt, well, right. I’d almost completely forgotten about what I’d seen at whatshername’s house.

We walked into the kitchen and as she bent over to get a beer from the fridge, I could clearly see the pink strings of her thong rising over her perfect rear. I coughed and sputtered a bit, and as she opened the beer for me she continued talking.

“So, Saul tells me you’re in the play this year. What play are you doing?”

I took a sip from my drink and as I felt the familiar feeling of alcohol numbing my nerves, I said, “We’re doing the epic but tragic Romeo and Juliet.”

She motioned me to a seat at the table and then sat down next to me. Her foot was resting against mine, but she didn’t seem to care so I didn’t say anything.

“Tell me about it.”

“Well, Romeo and Juliet are from two different families, and they love each other but their families won’t let them be together.”

“Don’t you hate it when others try to get in the way of two people in love?”

I hadn’t noticed her do it, but she was now sitting so close to me that our knees were touching.

“Well, yeah, I mean, if two people love each other, they should be allowed to love each other in peace.”

Eve giggled and said, “You’re right. You know something Will, you’re a good kid.”

I took another sip of my beer and said, “Thanks Eve, you’re pretty great yourself.”

“You really think so?” she said, moving slightly closer to me, “Thanks Will. I’m so hard on myself sometimes. I mean, look at what I did to your poor friend Saul.”

I was pretty confused for a second before I said, “What do you mean?”

“I mean, I left him right after we got, close, and I never told him how much I cared about him.”

Now our thighs were touching.

“I can’t sleep, I can’t eat, just imagining how much I hurt him,” Eve said.

Her hand rested on my knee.

I said, “I was there for most of it, and it wasn’t pretty.”

Her hand moved to rest on my thigh.

“That’s just it. I wish I could find a way to make it up to him,” she said.

“Well,” I said, “I don’t know what to tell you-“

Eve moved her face closer to me and whispered, “Do you think, you could, maybe, talk to him for me?”

Her nails trailed lightly up and down my thigh, sending shivers down my spine.

“Sure, I mean, you seem like a nice girl.”

Her hand stopped, right at the top of my thigh, and I could feel my pants getting tighter.

She leaned even closer, putting her lips right next to my ear as she whispered, “Thank you, baby.”

Then, she kissed me. It was sudden, it was raw, it was real, it was passionate. Not gonna lie, I kissed her back, hard. Her hand started stroking my member over my jeans, but when she gave it a squeeze, I jumped up and away from her. My mind cleared just enough to realize what I had just done. I’d broken the bro code.

I started running.


The Best Friend:

In keeping with the author’s motif, it was a dark and stormy night, when my doorbell rang. I’d luckily just changed my boxers, and I was shocked to find Courtnee standing there.

Poor Courtnee. Her mascara was streaked, and it looked like someone had hit her. She leapt into my arms and started crying into my shoulder. I didn’t know what to say, so I just closed the door behind her.

She mumbled something into my shoulder that I couldn’t understand, so I said, “I’m sorry babe, you’ll have to speak up.”

Courtnee looked up at me and said, “I’m so sorry…(sniff) please forgive me…”

“Whatever for babe?”

“I, I, I,” she said, and then she broke down again.

“Look, babe, whatever it was, I forgive you. I’m the one who should be saying he’s sorry”

“But, but, why?”

I caressed the back of her head as I said, “Because I hate fighting with you babe. I just want you to know one thing…”


“I think I’ve fallen in love with you Courtnee”

She stopped crying and looked up at me, “Really?”

“Yes, really,” I said, before I pulled her up to me and kissed her. She tasted a bit odd, but that didn’t matter. I hadn’t kissed her in weeks, and I had missed it, so much.

“Can we,” she said, “can we go upstairs?”

Courtnee had never asked me that before.

“Sure, if you want to. We just gotta be quiet, my parents are sleeping.”

I took her hand and led her up the stairs, past my parent’s bedroom where my dad was snoring up a storm. I’m surprised my mother can actually sleep at night with that much noise.

Anyways, the good news was I always keep my room spotless, just in case I have company. The better news is Courtnee pushed me down on my bed, and then climbed in bed with me.

Before I could say anything, she put a finger to my lips and said “I really don’t want to be alone tonight…it’s just been…awful…and I know how patient you’ve been with me…”

“You know I love you babe.”

She smile and curled back against my body. Feeling her there, resting against me, felt so natural, so, right.

Right then, my phone vibrated. It was a message from Eve.

Eve_rlasting<3: I just got kissed by Romeo. Jealous?

That bastard. That dirty rat bastard.

The Girl:

After I got off the phone with Will, my dad got home from work. It’d been a long day, and his boss had really railed him. Naturally, the first thing he did was grab a six pack from the fridge. After chugging two, he started coming at me.

I’ve learned how to handle his drinking. One beer he’s usually fine, two I can still defend myself, three I need to try to get away, four I need to curl up in a ball, five or more and I know I’ll be in bed for a day. Tonight though, I was wrong.

“How’s my little slut doing? Did she get her daily serving of manmeat?”

I backed away from him slowly and said, “No, dad, actually, we broke up.”

“Oh you poor thing you,” he growled, “I guess that just means more for me.”

He reached forward and with one hand he ripped the front of my shirt in half. Dam, that was one of my favorite shirts.

“Dad, stop it, you’re drunk.”

As soon as the words left my mouth, I knew they were a mistake. He backhanded me so hard I saw white, and as I struggled to get my senses back he pulled off his belt.

The thing about a belt is, sure it hurts, but if it hits you over clothing it only leaves a bruise. Bruises you can hide. Exposed skin, however, it cuts as well as bruises. The first hit left a nasty scratch over my belly, just under my breasts. The second tore off my belly button ring. I started crying and screaming, but it only makes him smile more when I do that.

He grabbed another beer and said, “Come here girl. Come to your daddy.”

I shook my head and he viciously slashed down with the belt again, this time catching my hand where I was trying to hold my shirt together. That’d be hard to hide at school next week.

“Now. Don’t make me ask you again.”

Tears rolling down my cheeks, I slowly got to my feet and stumbled over to him.

“Move your hand girl. Not like I haven’t already seen everything you’ve got.”

At first I didn’t do anything, so he grabbed my hand right where he’d hit it and squeezed until I screamed.

“What did I tell you?”

Sobbing, I moved my hand, and he stared voraciously at my chest. He started squeezing my breasts with his callused hands, and just as he was moving a hand down under my pants, there was a noise on the front porch.

Grateful for the distraction, I slid down in a heap, trying to cover myself up as he walked over to the door and yanked it open. To my surprise, Will was standing there, wet and muddy. His eyes flashed from my dad to the bottle, to the belt, and then finally to me.

My dad just growled at him, something I couldn’t hear, and then Will ran off into the night. I started crying again as the man I called my father closed the door, and then began to take off his pants.

It was a dark and stormy night, and just like so many nights before when my dad was finally finished he rolled off of me and went to go find my sister. The welts and scratches had stopped hurting and the pain settled to a dull ache. I eased myself away from him, as I could feel a part of him dripping out of me.

I slid into the shower, let the hot water cascade down over my broken body. Blood, dirt, and unmentionable fluids mixed with the water, swirling down the drain. When I stepped in front of the mirror after, I inspected the various bruises and cuts. It wasn’t the worst I’d ever gotten. This one time last summer was so bad, I thought I’d need stitches.

Luckily, I managed to convince Courtnee I was just experimenting with being a cutter. Which wasn’t hard, considering I’ve been cutting myself ever since Mom died.

The hard part is how much it hurts down there. D’Artagnan was never too rough. He knew how to do it just right.

But the depressing part is how much I’ve started to enjoy it…

The (Ex) Boyfriend:

I don’t even wanna think about what happened with Courtnee. It got out of hand really fast. But thing is, sometimes I get so angry that I blank out. It’s happened a few times with Emmy, but Courtnee, that was just too much. When she left, I popped a few beers out of the fridge and shotgunned them one after another.

Sitting there, empty bottles surrounding me, I felt like a piece of trash. I felt like a good for nothing jack of a man. I felt like everything my mother had ever said about me was true. I felt like I was the reason my dad left, like I was the reason my mom turned to drugs. I felt like a total failure.

Of course, that was when the door slammed open and my mom walked in.

She was obviously high on something, her eyes were red and she had an odd smile to her. After hanging up her coat, she took one look at all the bottles around me and started laughing. It wasn’t a normal laugh. I don’t know why, but something about that laugh scared me.

“Looks like someone had a good night” she cackled.

I got up and started tidying up the mess, “Not as good as you apparently. What did you take this time?”

“Oh, I dunno,” she sang, dancing around, “A pink one, a green one, a few blue ones, and a partridge in a pear tree. Merry Christmas D’Artagnan! My boy, My big strong boy!”

I threw the bottles in the trash and said, “Mom, stop it you’re scaring me.”

“What? The big strong boy is scared? Well, let me tell you a little secret, boy. We’re all scared”

She walked over to the counter and laid down, her head resting in the sink.

“That’s it mom. Just lie down, and take a rest, ok?” I asked, noticing an odd gleam in her eyes.

Out of nowhere, she pulled open a drawer and grabbed a large knife.

Before I could stop her, she said, “Merry Christmas Boy,” and slit her own throat.


The End

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