Chapter 5: One Week LaterMature

Cue Background Music     

“Wise, heh, Why smen s-s-say, only fools (hic) Russian, bu-bu-but, but I, I can’elp, fallin’ n’ n’ looooooooveh…wiiiiiiiiiiiiiit…chuuuuuuuuuuu” Saul sang, in a slightly off key but startlingly accurate rendition of the classic Elvis song.

I was cleaning up a beer can he had knocked over as I said, “You’ve been drinking for a whole week bro, you even missed practice last night. She’s gone. She’s never coming back.”

“That’s, now that’s, that’s where you’re wrong you, you, silly little boy,” he answered, before collapsing in a fit of the giggles.

Saul had been this way ever since Eve left him for Paris. He was a wreck. I’d been doing my best of take care of him, but I was starting to get worried. I watched him reach into his pocket for a cigarette, only to find that his pack was empty. He sighed, and tossed it to the side, next to a disturbingly large pile of similarly empty packs. I felt my own lungs wince at the sight.

“I am not (hic) drunk, I, I am, loose, man,” Saul said, “You, you’re the one’oos drunk.”

I checked my watch as I said, “Practice starts in an hour, we need to get going.”

“No, what you need to do, is, is, is loosen…up.”

“Hey, that girl from physics called for you.”

He just stared at me from his new perch, in between the couch and the loveseat.

“You know, Emmy’s friend?”

Saul wriggled around till his body was no longer supported by either piece of worn leather furniture, sending his head crashing hard against the hardwood floor.


Apparently the concussion sobered him up a bit.

“Yeah, Courtnee. She called like twice to check in on you. I think she likes you.”

I could see the spark coming back into his eyes.

“Really? You think so?”

“She’s always looking at you in class bro. You should call her back.”

Saul shakily got to his feet. I watched in awe as he proceeded to completely shake off the alcohol, straighten out his shirt, and comb his hair. It was like watching one of the impossibly drastic weight loss commercials. Before, a drunk slob, after, a dashing young gent. Damn Saul and his classic good looks.

“I think I will. Hey, Will?”


He clapped my shoulder and said, “Thanks for being here. I know how much of a burden I can be sometimes.”

“It’s no big-“

“Yes, it is. I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate this friendship. I wouldn’t give this up for anything.”

We stayed there for a second, not saying anything, his hand on my shoulder, until we finally pulled away and nervously laughed.

“Dude, you’re so gay.

Saul just grabbed his jacket and left. Left me to clean up after him. As always, I’m the one left picking up the pieces, while he’s the one who gets the girl.

I still hadn’t gotten over the party. That one moment, that one second, where our lips had touched, everything felt, perfect. It was so, right, just that one moment where Emmy and I kissed. It felt like no other kiss ever had. It was like all the cheesy songs and chick flicks made it. Did she feel it too? The way she had looked at me, for just a second, I thought I saw something in her eyes besides the usual snobby shield she puts up. Something almost, but not quite, like happiness. I was so surprised I didn’t even talk to her at all that night. Oh well, it’s not like that’ll ever happen again.


The girl:

“Ms. La’Beau! Would you come into my office please?”

The play director was mad at me again, just because I skipped practice last night. It was D’s and mine’s seven month anniversary, what did he expect? Like I was going to miss a night of hot, sweaty fun with my boo for the stupid class play? Yeah right.

“Now, Ms. La’Beau!”

Before I went in, I popped open another button on my blouse. Might as well have fun with this.

I stepped through the doorway, leaning with my chest against the door and arching my back to show off my curves as I said, “You wanted to, see, me?”

He blinked twice, and then stammered out, “Yes, yes, come in, please.”

“Anything you say, sir,” I said, walking slowly over to his desk. I could hear him audibly swallow as I leaned forward and put both elbows on the desk, drawing his eyes to my exposed cleavage.

“Miss, um, Ms. La’Beau, your attendance lately has been, well, um, subpar,” he said, pretending to straighten out some papers as he tried to not look at my breasts. Teachers are so easy.

I sat down into the chair behind me, making a big show of crossing my legs to give him a peek of the silky white skin of my thigh under my skirt. He dropped the pen he’d been fiddling with, and pulled at his shirt collar. This was going to be fun.

“With you being the female, um, female lead this year, you need to set a good, a good, exam…” he said, drifting off as I ‘yawned’, throwing my arms over my head and arching my back again. I could feel the bottom of my blouse come up, exposing my pierced belly button. It was clear he didn’t know whether to stare at my protruding breasts or my pierced navel.

I got up from the chair and sat down on the desk, twisting my shoulders to look at him as I softly said, “I’m so…so sorry. I’ve been such a bad…bad girl.”

He got up from the desk and backed up into some bookshelves, knocking over a ‘Teacher of the Year’ award in the process. His cheeks were as red as the apple on his desk. A bit old school for me.

I swiveled my long stocking-clad legs over the desk and walked up to him. He was trying to say something, but couldn’t find the words, so I put one finger on his lips to shush him.

His eyes went wide at my touch, but before he could say anything, I lowered my finger to his chest and said, “I’ll try to be a, good girl, for you. Would you like that?”

I lightly trailed my French manicured nails down his shirt, but before I hit his belt, I twirled them back up to his lips and whispered, “I promise I’ll be good.”

His body was literally starting to tremble, so I backed off and sat back on his desk. I held back a laugh as he fixed his tie and tried to straighten out his shirt.

“I guess, I guess, I can, um, let this one slide,” he stammered out, “Just make sure to come to practice tonight.”

 I started walking out of his office, but before I closed the door behind me, I turned and licked my lips as I said, “It’ll be our…little…secret.”

He was reaching for a box of tissues as I walked away, and I managed to get all the way around the corner before breaking out into a fit of laughter. God teachers are easy. I couldn’t wait to tell Courtnee about this. She’d have a hoot.


The Best Friend:

Play practice was interesting. The director was staring at Emmy much more than usual, D’Artagnan was nowhere to be found, and Courtnee was sitting in the empty auditorium watching the whole thing. Or rather, she was watching me. Maybe there was something there after all.

Will was up on stage stumbling through some lines with Emmy while trying not to look at her breasts poking out of her tube top, so I took the opportunity to go talk to Courtnee. She saw me coming down the aisle and she walked out into the hallway. Naturally, I followed her.

When I closed the door behind me, she was waiting, leaning against the lockers. She looked absolutely ravishing, in an understated way. Nothing fancy, she wore just jeans and a t-shirt, but good jeans and a fitted t-shirt that drew attention to her natural, assets.

“Hey! I’ve been worried about you, you haven’t been in school much,” Courtnee said, brushing a piece of lint off her chest.

I wasn’t about to give in to such simple teasing, so I kept my eyes level with hers as I answered, “I’ve been a bit under the weather, but I’m doing better now, thank you.”

She moved off the wall and closer to me as she said, “That’s good. I heard about Eve, I’m so sorry, Saul.”

Two can play at this game, and I can play it better. I stepped closer to Courtnee, now only a few inches apart, and said, “When one door closes, another, opens.”

Courtnee moved back against the wall and I moved forward with her, maintaining only a small distance between us. She looked at my eyes, then my lips, then down at the floor, and I knew it was on.

She started to say, “The play is so, so, interesting this,” but I cut her off with a kiss.

Her lips melted on mine like chocolate on a hot summer day, and she moaned softly as I pressed even closer to her.

I broke the kiss only for a second, and she managed to say, “The set is so well designed,” before I kissed her again.

She moved against me, and I could feel her heartbeat against mine as I pulled my lips off of hers to catch my breath.

“The costumes are, are,” she whispered before I grabbed her wrists, pushed her against the wall, and kissed her again. This time, she gave in to the kiss completely, succumbing to my control, and kissing back. The veracity of her affection surprised me, as she seemed to come alive under me and it was all I could do to hold her against the wall. At first I was confused, but it wasn’t resistance. She was giving in to the role, almost as if she had dreamt of this moment many nights before. It was so perfect, that kiss, that I only pulled away when I heard the director calling everyone back in for the final scene.

“Wow,” Courtnee said, “wow, wow, wow, wow.”

I don’t know why I did what I did next, but I couldn’t stop myself.

“Courtnee, will you be my girlfriend?”

She stared at me, unable to find words to express her happiness, and only nodded.

I smiled, kissed her lightly, and said, “Good. I’ll see you after practice.”

Courtnee nodded again, and we walked back to the auditorium. I felt her hand slip into mine, her fingers entwining with mine, and I didn’t stop it. It felt, right. It felt good.


The Boyfriend:

After Emmy got back from practice, she ran into my arms, and we didn’t even make it to the bedroom.

She started undoing my pants as she said, “I really need this. I had to stay after to talk to the director today, and it got me so wet, I needed to come home and be filled by your-“

I cut her off and said, “What were you doing with the director?”

“Nothing, honey,” she said, sitting up, “He just was upset with me so I, got his mind off of it. That’s all.”

Emmy started stroking my chest, but I grabbed her hand and pushed her away. I got up and started getting dressed.

“What? What’s wrong, dear?” Emmy said, staring up at me.

“You know I hate it when you tease people like that,” I said, pulling on my belt, “They don’t have any right to even think about my girl.”

She pressed herself up against me, “You know I’m always going to be yours, sweetie. How could I ever leave someone like you? You’re my big, strong, man.”

I pushed her away, and she fell roughly against a chair. I pulled on my jacket as I said, “I need a drink.”

As I left she angrily said, “Fine, leave! You’re looking a bit chubby around the waist anyways.”

That was too much. I threw an empty bottle at her, but she ducked and it smashed against the wall, showering the floor with broken glass. Emmy screamed when it broke, and I slammed the door behind me as I left to cut her off.

After I got on my bike, my baby, I pinched my waistline. Emmy was right. I had put on a few pounds. Maybe instead of going for a drink, I should go join a gym. I drove off towards a gym my friend Sam had told me about. How dare Emmy go out flaunting her goodies to any old Joe and then have the nerve to insult my weight? I’d show her.


The End

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