Chapter 3: The PartyMature

Cue: World Civ 2

No one liked World Civilizations. Not even the nerds in the front row. When we walked into class to see a substitute teacher writing his name on the board, there was a general feeling of relief and excitement throughout the students. It took the poor guy fifteen minutes to take attendance. By the time he got to my name, the class was totally oblivious.

“William…um…Johansen? Will Johansen?” he stammered out, trying in vain to be heard above the noise. Rather than waste my breath trying to respond, I just raised my hand and waved.

The whole class was a buzz about the party that night. It seemed everyone had heard about it, but only the cool kids had actually been invited. Courtnee’s parties were like that, and if any ‘uncool’ kid tried to crash, they would be shunned and thrown out. Since I was friends with Saul, usually they were ok with me, but I always got dirty looks from the ‘popular’ kids. I could hear the kids next to me talking about the party.

“Did you hear? There’s going to be college kids at the party,”

“I heard her brother is bringing a whole van full of beer,”

“Last time she had a party, I heard some kid died, but her parents covered it up,”

“Why doesn’t she ever invite me to her parties? I sit behind her in Physics!”

Kids these days. Anyways, World Civ was the last class that day. When the bell rang, everyone ran out to their lockers. I was last out of the classroom, and I could hear a bunch of kids laughing around the corner. After stopping for a quick drink at the water fountain, I went to see what the fuss was all about.

Enter: The Little Sister

A large group of kids were huddled around a specific locker, and after pushing my way through the laughing throng, I saw a girl sitting on the floor in front of an open locker. Someone had filled the locker with whipped cream. It was pretty funny, but I stopped laughing when I looked closer at the girl on the floor. She had whipped cream on her face, and I could see a few tears as well. I was pretty sure the girl was Corina, Emmy’s little sister. Everyone was always making fun of her for her weight.

I’m so glad Courtnee’s party is tonight. I need a drink.


The Girl:

After lunch, I left class and went to the nurse’s office. She’s gotten used to my daily visits and doesn’t make too much of a fuss when I lay on a bed till the school day is over. It’s not like I pay attention in class anyways.

Today I was txting my D and my girl Courtnee. I was talking to Courtnee about the party, and I was talking to D about, well, sex. That’s all we ever talk about

EmLa’Beau69: Sup grrlfriend! J

C0urtn33: Namuch ;) Xcited 4 2nite?

EmLa’Beau69: Of course! Can’t wait ^_^

Biker4Lif3: Hey baby

EmLa’Beau69: Hey baby ;) I can’t stop thinking about what I’m gonna do to you tonight

Biker4Lif3: I miss the taste of you

EmLa’Beau69: I miss the taste of you. In my mouth, and on my skin

C0urtn33: What?

EmLa’Beau69: Srry, mistxt

C0urtn33: Talkn 2 ur boytoy 2?

EmLa’Beau69: Yep. He’s been really pissed lately. I hate it when he’s angry.

Biker4Lif3: What?!

EmLa’Beau69: Not you Baby, never you <3. My math teacher is pmsing again

Biker4Lif3: Oh

Before I could mix things up even more, the bell rang. School was out, thank God. I met my D out in the hallway for our daily makeout session. I had to cut it short today, so when D’s hands went under my shirt, I pulled away.

Before he could protest, I put a finger to his lips and said, “Just wait until you see what I have planned for you tonight.”

I kissed him once on the forehead, my little signature, and then ran out to my car. Speeding down backroads, I got home in just under five minutes. Nice.

I ran in, and of course, who was waiting for me but my dad. I’d managed to avoid him the past two days by spending most of my time with D, but he was sitting at the kitchen table when I walked through the back door. I could smell beer on his breath. This was not going to be fun.

“Where’ve you been?” he growled.

“I’ve been at school, it is a school day,” I answered as I threw down my bookbag.

He got up angrily and said, “Don’t you talk to me like that young lady. You know what I mean. Where were you all weekend?”

I hung up my coat loosely on a hook and said, “I was with Courtnee, working on a project.”

He came up behind me as I rummaged in the practically empty fridge. I felt his rough hands grab my shoulders as he said, “Don’t think I don’t know about you. Everyone tells me about my little slut.”

“Hey!” I yelled, trying to break free from his hold, and failing.

I felt his hands move over me as he whispered in my ear, “Not that I didn’t know how much of a little slut you are.”

I finally broke free and ran out, grabbing my jacket and bag as I went. I hate it when my dad gets like this. Especially after Mom died.

Looks like I won’t be changing for Courtnee’s party after all. Maybe I can borrow something from her. I need a drink.

The Best Friend:

After school Eve and I went out to my car and, well, use your imagination. It was incredible. Almost as good as the last night was. I’m surprised no one heard us, the way she was screaming. Not that I was quiet either. Never before had I found someone who did so much for me.

In bed, of course.

After one final, long scream, we sat back, panting, feeling the sweat drying off our skin. Eve rested her head against my bare chest, our arms wrapped around each other. It was, perfect.

Eve laughed and said, “I can hear your heartbeat. Sounds like I got you pretty excited.”

“Excited? I’ve never felt that good before.” I said as I kissed her lightly on the lips.

“You certainly knew some tricks yourself. Where’d you learn that thing with your nose?” Eve said, playfully poking my nose.

I twisted her around, pulling her tightly against me as I said, “A magician never reveals his secrets.”

We laughed, and then we just lay in each other’s arms, happy. It was, in a word, perfect.

 It was, love.

“I think I love you”

The words came out before I even knew it, before I could stop myself. I winced at the naiveté.

Eve sighed and looked up at me. It wasn’t a happy sigh, but it wasn’t a condescending sigh. It was sad. I looked down at her eyes, and I felt my heart stop.

“There’s something I need to tell you,” she said, before she sat up and turned to face me.

Eve looked away as she said, “I’m leaving for Paris. Tomorrow.”

“What? How long will you be gone?”

She sighed again, and answered, “I don’t know. My dad’s job got moved, and, well, you know.”

“No, I don’t know,” I said, getting a bit angry, “What was this? You just wanted a final fling before you left?”

I lit up a cigarette as she answered, “No, nothing like that. I’ve always had a crush on you, and I wanted to see what happened before I had to leave.”

“Just ‘see what happened’? What am I, the evening news?”

“No! I just didn’t want to leave without even talking to you”

“So you use me and then leave me like a used-“

“Don’t you dare say that! It’s not like that Saul”

“Then tell me what it’s like, cause from where I’m standing, that’s exactly what just went down”

“I thought you’d appreciate-“

“Appreciate what? Being used and abandoned? Not again.”

Eve grabbed her bag and left, slamming the car door. I sat there smoking another cigarette, fuming in every sense of the word. I slammed the gas pedal down and sped down Main Street, not caring about police or any other drivers. Thank god Courtnee was having a party. I needed a drink.


The Boy Friend:

I need a drink.

The End

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