Chapter 2: The Supporting CastMature

Cue: The Morning After

The vibration of my phone stirred me out of a sleep filled with cheerleader outfits, some on, some off. I groaned into my pillow; why do I always wake up before the good part? The blonde one blew me a kiss as I drifted out of my dreams and back into the real world. Who dared disturb my slumber?

There was a new text on my phone. It read, “The sparrows sing under the moon.”

Saul, you sly dog.

A few years back, when Saul started regularly fooling around with girls, we developed a code so he could let me know what was going on without risking being found out. ‘The sparrows sing under the moon’ was a very special phrase. ‘Sparrows’ meant it was outside, and ‘moon’ meant it was at midnight. It wasn’t the first time I’d gotten this text from Saul, but it was a very rare catch.

I swung my legs off my bed and yawned. The clock read 6:30; school started at 7:30. After some exaggerated stretching, I got up and stepped in front of my full body mirror. It’d been a long time since I had sent Saul one of our coded messages. A very long time. I looked at my rather unimpressive physique, first flexing my biceps then my chest, without any noticeable change. I took off my shirt and tried again, still nothing. I sighed and went to find some semi-clean clothes to wear for school.

As much as I’d never admit it, I was jealous of Saul. He had no problem with girls. I was lucky to get a date to homecoming, let alone go all the way with someone. The last girl had been, well, shall we say, a bit on the big side.


Saul will no longer be the only one sending sex texts.

Not anymore.

I stepped in front of the mirror again, imagining myself with biceps, and a six pack, and as I mentally flexed my imaginary muscles, I grinned. After all, if Saul could do it, I could do it too. I ate a small breakfast, avoiding the sugary cereals I so love and sticking to fruit and milk.

“You know what,” I said to myself, “Today, I’m going to walk to school.”

Years later, looking back on this decision, it seemed like a good idea at the time.

An hour and a half later, I half dragged, half stumbled my way through the front doors of South Brook High. My clothes were soaked through with sweat, my hair was sticking out in angles previously only attainable in Japanese cartoons, and my backpack had broken somewhere two miles back, losing most of my books. Not to mention, I was thirty minutes late for first period class.

The secretary looked up at me, leaning against the office door for support, and ask, “Rough morning?”

The nerve of some people.

Thankfully, she didn’t ask for a note, she just wrote me a pass to class and gave me some tissues to try to clean up a bit. All they did was leave little bits of white tissue stuck to my skin. When I knocked on the door of my chemistry class, everyone turned to look at me. I was too tired to be embarrassed, so I just sat down at my desk and waited for my heart to start again.

By second period I was better, the sweat had mostly dried but I still smelled like a wet dog. Everywhere hurt, but luckily, it was gym class, which meant all I had to do was change into my uniform and stand around talking for an hour.

Enter: The best friend

I walked into the locker room just as Saul was taking off his shirt. I wanted to frown at his perfect washboard abs, but I barely had the energy to sit on the bench next to him. As I sat there wheezing, he turned and asked, “Rough morning?”

I nearly clocked him right then and there.

Saul laughed as he easily dodged my shaky punch. “Relax bro,” he said, “I got some news that’ll cheer you up.”

I started undoing my belt as I asked, “What, are they finally deporting you back to Uzbekistan?”

Saul brushed off some bits of tissue that were still stuck to my neck and said, “No. Courtnee is throwing a party tomorrow night.”

“How is that good news for me? Courtnee never invites me to any of her parties,” I said as I helped him fix the tag on his shorts and snapped the waistband, making him jump.

“You can go with me. Besides, you know Emmy always goes to Courtnee’s parties,” Saul said he spun his towel into a whip and lashed at me.

I grabbed my stinging chest and said, “Not like I ever talk to her at parties anyways.”

As we walked out of the locker room, Saul laughed and said “Just trust me. You never know what may happen.”

The Girl:

The vibration of my phone stirred me out of a sleep filled with wolves and leather. Don’t ask.

I moved D’s arm off my bare chest and wiggled around to reach my phone. I love D so much, but he’s never been good at the cuddling part. He tends to fall asleep after we have sex, so I usually just plug in my headphones and slowly drift off next to him. I could feel a part of him stirring against my thigh, but morning sex always leaves me sore before school so I moved away from him.

Oh My God School!

It was 7:00. School started in 30 minutes. I yanked on my clothes from where they were strewn around the room. After wasting five minutes looking for my bra, I gave up and ran out. Thank god I live only a few blocks from D’s house. I caught a middle school student staring at my chest as I ran, so just for fun I lifted up my shirt and flashed him. He literally walked into a tree.

I didn’t have time to stop and laugh, I could see my house. I ran through the back door, up to my bathroom, and turned on the shower. Not waiting for the hot water, I stripped off my dirty clothes and just jumped in. The cold water stung against my skin, but it completely woke me up. I showered quickly then ran to my room and pulled on a lacy G, my favorite skinny jeans, and a low tank top. I stopped and looked in the mirror, shifting my breasts around until the perfect amount of cleavage was showing.

The clock on the wall read 7:20 as I ran down the stairs. My younger sister Corina was almost out the door, and when she saw me she turned and asked, “I missed the bus, can I get a ride with you?”

I stopped and stared at her, “Are those my heels? Who said you could wear my heels?”

Before she could say anything, I said, “Give me my heels back now!”

She started to whine, so I pushed her and said, “Now!”

I groaned as Corina started to cry. I didn’t have time for this. “When I get home, you’re so going to pay for this”

As I ran out the door, I could hear her say, “But what about my ride?”

“Walk. But don’t you dare walk in my good heels! If I find a single scuff, I’m going to hurt you!”

In my car, I finally remembered that I had gotten a text on my phone. I opened my phone and found a message from my best friend Courtnee. I smiled. Courtnee and I had been bff’s since grade school. The message said, “Rents gon 4 wknd, u no wat that mns ;)”

I cheered in the car as I drove down Main Street. Courtnee throws the best parties, her house rocks and her brother in college always gets the best alcohol. I saw some loser walking to school and thought of my sister. I laughed out loud as I pulled into the school parking lot, screeching to a halt in the nearest parking space. The car radio read 7:27. Perfect timing.

I walked into the girl’s bathroom by the gym, where Courtnee was waiting for me, like usual. As we put on our makeup for the day, she said, “That is a rocking top girl, when did you get boobs?”

I laughed and said, “Same time you did” as I poked her well endowed chest. “So what’s up this weekend?”

“My brother is coming down tomorrow night with some of his college friends, and they’re bringing like a truck load of booze. It’s going to rock!”

I lightly penciled on some black eyeliner as she continued, “I’ve invited all the cool kids already. It should be insane.”

“Just make sure no losers show up like last time. That nerd from math class was such a party killer.”

Courtnee put on some gloss and licked her lips before saying, “Yeah, but his friend Saul is soooo hot. I think I saw him looking at me yesterday.”

“Who wasn’t looking at you yesterday? That skirt was positively scandalous, but your panties were cute. Did you get those at Victoria’s?”

“Yep. Three for $75 sale this weekend.”



We walked out the bathroom as I said, “Anyways, I heard Saul is with Eve right now.”

“So? She’s cute too, I wouldn’t mind a threesome with those two.”

“Oh you bad girl!”

We laughed as we walked into study hall. To tell the truth, I had thought about Saul quite a bit myself, especially after seeing him with his shirt off at the senior picnic. Those abs sent shivers right down to my girly parts. Sigh.


The Best Friend:

I woke up naked wrapped in a blanket in the park like a cold burrito. While this wasn’t the first time this had happened, it’s always a bit shocking at first. At least I had a blanket this time.

I found a note someone had pressed into my hand. After shaking my head a bit, I remembered what had happened last night.

It had been a very good night.

I opened the note as I slowly sat up. It read, ‘Thank you for a great night and an even better lay. Call me. Eve.”

Eve. So that’s what her name was.

What? Don’t judge me.

I promised myself I would definitely call Eve again. That thing she did with her tongue, just thinking about that got the blood flowing to a certain part of my body. Before I could truly enjoy it though, a gruff voice yelled, “Hey!”

I turned to see a middle-aged cop standing by some bushes, shining a flashlight on me. Without even questioning myself, I got up and started running, ditching the blanket. I remembered I had parked my car down the street, by a light pole on the other side of the park. All I had to do was lose the police man.

I turned and was very surprised to see he was close behind me, still yelling incoherently. I ducked through some bushes, scratching myself up a bit but not stopping. I kept running, until I had crossed the park completely. I looked back and saw the cop was still on my tail. Cops are quicker than they look. I turned my head just in time to duck under a low tree branch. The cop wasn’t so lucky.

I jumped into the passenger seat and slid into the driver’s side. My clothes were neatly folded in the back seat. Thank you, Eve. I pulled on my pants and hit the gas. In my rearview mirror I could see the cop staggering to his feet as I rounded the corner, out of sight, out of mind. It was a good morning.

I drove home to change, and as I pulled in, my phone rang. It was Emmy’s friend, Courtnee. Courtnee was very cute; I’d been flirting with her for about a month. Nothing serious, just enough to let her know there was some interest. I was pretty sure she was into me, but with Eve’s overt flirting and last night, I wasn’t going to go after Courtnee. At least, not for now.


“Hey, it’s Courtnee!”

“How are you doing girl?”

“Great! How bout you?”

“It’s been a very interesting morning, to say the least.”

“I bet. Listen, my parents are going to be gone again this weekend, so I was going to have a little party. You know, nothing big, just a few friends, music, drinks. If you’re free, you could always come by and check it out.”

Courtnee’s parties were never ‘little’. They were legendary at South Brook High for being the wildest parties in the school. Only the coolest of the cool, the ‘pretty people’ were allowed to go.

“I’ll see what I’m doing. Hey, can I bring a friend?”

“I guess, it’s no biggie.”

She giggled on the phone and something about it made my heart tighten.

“So, the usual time?”


“I’ll see what I can do. I gotta run, but I’ll catch you in school, okay?”

“Ok, bye!”

With that, Courtnee hung up before I could say goodbye. For a second I found myself wondering what it would be like to be with her, not sexually, but just together. I shrugged it off after I found Eve’s note again. That thing she did with her tongue, dam. Where did she learn that?

After I changed into a fresh pair of boot-cut jeans and a fitted tee shirt, I got back into my car and drove to school. The whole way there, I held onto Eve’s note and remembered last night. It was incredible


The Boyfriend:

I woke up to an empty bed. I was angry at first, then I saw it was noon. Emmy must’ve gone to school. Whatever. I needed a beer.

After drinking two cold ones from the fridge, I looked around to see what I needed to do today. There was no milk in the fridge, I probably should get some. More importantly, there were no more condoms. We’d used the last four yesterday.

Dam it was a good night.

I put on an old pair of jeans and a wife beater and then got on my bike. My baby. There was a convenience store a few blocks down where the guy, Fred, sold me cheap rubbers so I went there.

I grabbed a six pack of Bud and a couple boxes of condoms and then went to say high to Fred.

“How you doing today, Fred?” I said as I put my stuff on the counter.

He rang up my stuff and said, “Pretty good D, you know, it looks like rain today, you should probably park your baby inside today. That’ll be $27.67”

I gave him a rumpled twenty and a ten and said, “Thanks for the tip, keep the change.”

“Thanks D. I’ll catch you later,” said Fred as he gave me my bag.

As I turned around, a freshmen student from school bumped into me. Before I could do anything, he had spilled a little cherry slushy on my boots.

My boots.

My good boots.

No one, messes up my good boots.

No One.

The kid tried to stammer out an apology, but I didn’t want to hear it. I grabbed him with both hands, one on his belt and one on his shirt collar. I smiled at his terrified face, then I flipped him over my head into the frozen food case. His upside down body crashed through the glass door, landing in a heap on the Lunchables.

Behind the counter, Fred said, “Shouldn’t have gotten his boots messy. He doesn’t like it when you mess up his boots.”

Before I left, I gave Fred a hundred dollar bill to cover up the damages. Fred was cool about things like this as long as you paid for it. That’s why I only by my rubbers from him. Cause he’s cool like that.

The End

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