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Right, I sort of need help on this one is why. I can't word things in a way I feel comfortable with, I feel as if it would be hard for readers to understand where it is exactly that I'm coming from. Please, if you are interested by this sort of Eco survival-horror theme based novella, drop a comment, or a lengthy chunk of advice if that's your thing too.

The World: Why is it titled "Enter Occlusion", right? I have the beginning workings of characters and the title pertains to the general protagonist (we all root for different heroes).

I might lose some of you here-

Micah Elias is a cruise-maintenance technician for the Canadian satellite dubbed simply "Podsol", which is nearing it's fifth full orbit of Earth... Just one year until they were going home. He operates on board with two others; a radio operator named Thadeus Jack Gadson and a flight and mechanics engineer named Gabriel Gene Pitts. They do not perform out-of-vessel walks or repairs on the Podsol, that job is left to their mate-ship called "eMercury". The satellite they guide through it's process emits simple cable channels to citizens of the Northern-most Canadian Provinces, something they've achieved and operated since 2017. Everyone on board was an American citizen but they didn't mind, even if it was a scruple paying job, for an astronaut.

It wasn't hard enough to pass eight years worth (including training) of time on the hub, it's become a sort of second home to Micah, maybe even a first.
Still he longed to return to Earth, and watched her often from the small port windows, nearly every second of his free-time went to watching Earth. Thad and Gabriel played zero gravity chess, in most of theirs, to keep synapses fresh. It definitely wasn't to play chess with each other, the men had been only a one year group and they had already parted a surreal amount for such confined spaces. Constant docking of ship to ship cause an insane amount of line-ups in who is working where- Micah had plenty of friends in space, they were just in different parts of it.

Then Micah looks out the window, as always except that; he notices what seems to be a storm brewing, almost entirely too quickly. A storm, with such startling speed that, one second the Earth is there, another it seems it is only a milky marble of white. He calls for Gabriel and TJ to check it out, and they become just as confused as Micah... Earth is gone. It's a perfectly round cloud of white that seems to stir in place now, revolving just as Earth did, yet it's thicker, a greater mass but not by much. Maybe just to the stratosphere, and oozing out into void around them.

This instantly causes disruption among them, Micah alarming that they should return to the surface immediately after a failed attempt to contact first their representatives, and then any other ship around them. Gabriel believes that they have a better chance of surviving whatever is happening by preserving themselves in the satellite for the next several years, maybe they could wait it out... Thadeus though, he finds this instance a great opportunity, and he uses the dwindling relations as fodder for a path of destruction led far before the Earth clouded.

Thadeus has a multiple personality syndrome, that likes to call itself Sebastian- it's been this way for sometime now... And as Thadeus breaks from the pressure of these events, Sebastian sabotages any morale left in the group symbolizing they ever worked together, or that more than one of them will be walking away from this satellite alive.

Whatever cliche reasoning you could put to it; a sort of chain reaction is set unleashed upon Earth in the form of CHANGE. Don't put to much thought into it- the water is exposed to a sort of element in itself, a new physical body, a version of water like ice or steam. Once water touches this fog, it becomes the same as it, lifting into the air and spreading throughout the atmosphere. Once the oceans are breached, you can only imagine the seas being strung across the sky as carriers and fishing boats fell from it's intangible grasp and struck upon once underwater volcanic vents and rocks, razor sharp bottoms. Those on the shore at the time of this event, inside are awed at this sudden shift, not a weather but a change, real change. Those they can see from the windows and safety of their corridors and ottomans- caught in the extreme cold of the occlusive form, this fog seemingly lifts them up and into the sky; till they are completely removed from view. This was the beginning. You have just witnessed Event O.

One day passes, and the sea life has migrated with this sudden tide. Almost as if they had known all along, or some omnipotent force had warned them of this impending doom. They feed on our food and fruit, our dead- and float around our damned cities... a sight. Thousands die everyday, bandits and raiders begin showing their faces after about eighteen hours- just how long it takes for maggots to hatch.

Two days pass, and the dead begin raining. Those who had almost looked as if Rapture had taken them under its wings begin to ease out of the sky, bloated, rot and all. Though, providing the survivors of this event with much needed sources of water. This is because they had drowned in the fog due to the natural body heat in their lungs condensing the material back into its initial state as they had breathed it in. We cut it out from their chests and drink it from our hands.

Underneath the fog, just at sea level, there is another unknown. What was once our oceans is now a graveyard for ships, but enveloped into our only safe haven. All of our air has pocketed into these roving treads of sand and dark ominous rock. Ravines full of ruined oil rigs and skyscrapers slid into the ocean by the destruction of the event. Airplanes swept across miles of uncrossable terrains- all this and the humidity kept by the fog is already causing grass and saplings to flourish. The plant-life adapting and surviving strenuously, but also the sky... if you were to look above from this below, there is the fog of this event and, it is still one of the most beautiful sights any survivor has ever came across. Mimic the clouds, fog drops out the bloated as a gift to the land, they fertilize the plant life and feed any surviving mammals and land creatures that have managed to out maneuver the mist.

Micah Elias only wants to save his Mother, who happened to be inside of a subway car on her way home at the moment of the event. The air-tight container proved safe from the fog, but also forced many rag tag strangers to team together in a blend of a very terrible survivor group. Elias eventually sabotages the satellite and forces it into the fog, through the bloated and past whales and octopi, which is enough to strike insanity into his heart already. He makes it to solid ground on a beachhead and ventures the landscape in his astronauts suit, never finding his Mother and eventually dying after about four or five hours in the substance. This is all of Enter Occlusion, let's make more? I can't sit with just this, or the fact that I haven't actually written it yet. I have the outline, help me make more characters or play around in the universe?

The End

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