Soylent Inc


Four weeks since the decent into madness, and this pathetic city was still struggling to rip itself apart. It was sickening, that even through all the suffering and torture that this cretin filled metropolis hadn’t figured out who controlled them. They believe that through rioting and disruption they can get what they want; by he would not allow it.

He was the President of Soylent Inc, Mr Jon Ashe, the most prominent and powerful man in the city, and also the most deadly. Nothing stopped him from getting what he wants, not even the combined rage of a hundred thousand at his gates.

Ashe stood upon the roof of the Soylent Headquarters, located in the east Central District, staring down upon the fiery miasma of fear and hunger. This is how he ruled, with the subtle mechanics of fear. Footsteps announced the arrival of his Chief of Security.

“Captain White, I assume you got my orders. It must be done in all secrecy, without Clipper ever finding out.” Said Ashe, his eyes glinting at what was to come.

“Yes, sir. I’ll ensure it goes to plan, personally.” replied White, turning on his heels to walk back down the stairs to the lobby.

             “Oh and Captain”, said Ashe suddenly, “Yes, sire?”

            “If you get the opportunity, kill Clipper”

            “Yes, sir” finished White, smiling.

The End

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