Harry; Part One

So far, the operation had gone down without a hitch. To add to Harry's pleasure, it was a clear, sunny day, but despite this he kept his face an emotionless mask. He shifted his grip on the pressure-sealed briefcase, his eyes scanning the bustling crowds for employees or enforcers of Soylent Inc., one of the cities major food suppliers. As Harry moved briskly through the streets, one of the faceless mass caught his eye, and nodded. He returned the gesture, and angled towards her. She was a fairly pretty girl, Harry noted. It would be a shame if his buisness was forced to terminate her for silence.                                                                                                             "This is the package then?" she asked in a educated voice, raising one eyebrow. Harry nodded, and passed it over. The steel sides glinted in the sunlight, making the moment seem even more triumphant. She held his gaze for a second or two, then moved off, the crowd enveloping her. Harry ran a hand through his short blond hair, straightened his sombre grey suit, and moved away.

The boardroom smelt of rich old wines, and real wood. It was half-in shadow, giving it a slighty shady look. Still, that mood was fitting, thought Harry. A deep, powerful voice rumbled from a figure who's features were hidden by the shade;       "Harry, my boy, you've done well. Indeed, you ran around those Soylent dogs with ease!! You've earned your pay, but, of course, no-one can know." Harry knew well enough what he meant. Most freelance industrial spies were killed after they knew too much. Harry only survived due to his excellent skills, and his willingness to work. "Of course, if you should need anything again, Mr.Hericho, don't hesitate to call" Harry said, knowing not to offend a major player like him. A small wrapped package was slid across the large mahogany table. Harry placed it in his jacket's inner pocket, and left the meeting. He would eat well this month.

The End

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