so why don't weMature

so this sort of fits in with the last page about questioning life just in the form of a poem.


Why don’t we?


She’s worried about her future

Yet she doesn’t care about it

She wants to make something of her life

But she feels trapped

Trapped by life

What is she to do?


No one has the right answers for her,

But maybe she has to learn how to ask

And accept the answer they give her

Move on with life

Don’t let little thing weigh her down


But how when she can hardly keep herself from drowning

Wondering who could possibly help her

Wondering who would want to help her

Thinking what has she done so wrong?


Maybe it was distancing herself from them

Maybe it was all her fault

Maybe they haven’t done anything wrong


But what is thinking about it going to do?

When we have the power to change our lives


So why don’t we?

The End

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