Music is just an escape and so is writing

there are things in this world which we always question

And i wonder why

there we go again always questioning our selves, others and events which are beyondout control. So why do we think that we have done something wrong?

Why can't we live the simple, live love and hope through life?

Why are some people so mean?

Why do we think things over and over?

Why do we question ourselves?

Why can't we live?

All these questions which we ask ourselves are never answered. All theses questions are always why this and why that. I think we have to start to learn how to write our own answers instead of asking someone else for them.

we have to learn our own mistakes and learn from the consequences our actions

girls are bitches

and guys are dicks

i will always remember  of my english teachers telling us this and its true

plain and simple

so why do we complicate things

why don't we simplify our complex problems so they are easier and not make them harder by questioning every single thing we do

its always the questionof WHY


The End

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