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I could see Lexan and Kix start to barricade the door with tables, cabinets, chairs and whatever else they could get in front of the door. When they were certain that the scientists were not going to be coming through the door, they stopped and took a breaker

"We need to find something that could open that cage," Kix said pointing at my cage.

They quickly analyzed the room to see if they could salvage or use anything as weapons or tools. I focused more on Lexan since she was the youngest out of the three of us. She was digging in some old cabinets and then I saw her hands stop, and then slowly come up towards her face. 

"I found something that we could use," she said. When she turned, her expression looked like a toddler finding out that she could have a Barbie house.

Kix turned around from the other side of the room and said, "Yeah I think that will work perfectly." 

He grabbed the blowtorch out of Lexan's hand and said "Try to find something to light this."

She looked around in the same cabinet for quite some time and looked in the one underneath it "Hah, found something."

"It's about time someone found it." I said bored out of my mind.

"Sorry Traken, its not like we have x-ray vision."

"Oh yeah, sorry guys," I said thinking to myself how easy life would be if we had x-ray vision.

"That would be pretty cool though," Kix said as he chuckled, admitting the truth.

Kix quickly grabbed the box of matches, and turned the gas on the blowtorch, and struck a match. It instantly lit, and than faced the cage, "Stay back."

I looked at him and tilted my head "Are you serious?"

Kix smiled and started going to work on the cage pipes. I stared at the sparks as they went flying sporadically. I noticed Lexan look at me and say "Your eyes look cool when you see sparks flying in them." I gave a smirk, not taking my eyes of the flame.

"There done."

I backed up just a little, so  didn't get electrouted , and I kicked the bars as hard as I could, as soon as I did, the bars electrocuted my boots and melted the bottom of them.

"Ahhh man these were comfortable." I said as I rubbed the bottom of my boots.

"It's ok we'll find you some more," Kix sighed.

I stood up fully for the first time in what felt like forever, but was probably somewhere around 6 hours or so, and I stretched a lot.

The End

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