Chapter 1: The Good Old Days..Sort of.

The story of a group of children, whom were raised in a laboratory. They aren't just normal children. They are hybrids, but with what you may ask. Countless amounts of animals, What will they discover as they grow older.

I woke to the sound of commotion, yelling, screaming and like the world was going to end. I opened my my eye and peered through the bars of my cage to see groups of scientsits, scattered and clueless as what was going on. I tried to break free of my cage, with a swift kick of my boot, I got electrocuted, stupid me jumped back and hit the other side of the cage and YET again got electrocuted, making my body go numb.When the painful numb went away, I finally got myself together and seated myself in the middle  I sat back and thought of what they were rushing to. I had started to see more and more scientists rush down the hallway, all with a panicking look on there faces. But as I focused more and more I could ear that noises were creeping from down the hallway. As time went  on, the sound got closer and closer, than it almost seemed like it was right outside the door. There was a noise that came from one of of the room, I looked that direction, curious of wwhat was going on, and there came more and more banging like noises, coming from the other side of the wall. I looked at the door to see a head of a scientist, on the floor,. I paid attention to the door to see what the hell was going on. I happened to see scientists start to startle back, or flying, only a few at first and than more and more as if whatever was giving them trouble, was getting closer.

"Lexan, I think it's this one!"

"Okay, hold them off while I try to find the right key," she said determind.

I Saw Lexan start looking through a set of keys that I imagined she took off one of the scientists that made her mad somewhere down the line.

"Hurry up Lexan."

She stopped and looked at Kix "Do you think you can find it faster?"

"No" Kix said with a scared look on his face.

"Than shut your mouth and focus on covering me."

I saw Kix smirk and than faces forward.

Lexan grabbed the last key off the ring and put it in the keyhole and turned to open the door, "I got it!"

"It's about time,"  with one final punch to the face of an unlucky scientist, Kix bursts into the room, "Lexan get in here!"

They got themselves in the room and shut the door so quickly that a normal would not be able to get in. 

"Lexan what's your analysis?"

"I'm okay, just a few scratches and a couple of bruises, but I'll live." 


The End

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