Caitlin PathwayMature

Caitlin- At least, I think it's Caitlin. Or should I say Cyan since that's what was put out to me with her frosty reception last time. Whatever, I say to myself, might as well wait for her to wake up.

A few moments later her head turns to the ceiling and she lifts her right hand to it, as if accompanied by a headache. She must see me sat down in the corner of her eye as she sits straight up alarmed and doesn't relax or seem to recognise me. 'And you are?' She quips looking straight at me. I feel tired, exhausted by this continuous pretending of hers. After going through this game twice already, how can she not recognise me?

'Come on Caitlin, you can stop pretending now. Or should I call you Cyan instead?'

Her face doesn't change but she stand none the less and begins to pace around the small box of space we now reside in. 'I answer to none of those names,' She returns, just as lazily as I must have sounded, 'My name is--' She cuts herself off as a voice come up from nowhere. Louise's voice.

'Good evening competitors, I see you've all awakened,' Her usual cold voice, now even cooler joined by her image on the screen before us.

This isn't right; why isn't she in the same position as us. She agreed with us to come back and compete together equally. We all did.

The End

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