Chapter 1- Waking Up AgainMature

I feel dizzy again. My hand clutches the ground. Cold and metal this time, different from the other two. I remember what happened. We all promised, we all promised we would go back in and shut down this place once and for all. And now that I know Lucy isn't dead, I need to find her too. My beloved Lucy- I've missed you so, and I will save you. No matter what.

My blurry vision retains itself and I pull myself up; the upper body slowly waking, the lower still most asleep. It looks like I'm in some sort of lift. There's grey metal surrounding me and a set of doors in front with a small gap in the middle, revealing darkness. Is this the true nature of the Reflec Zone?

I take a further look around and notice there's a door behind me as well, shut as well, as if mirroring the one in front of me. Between the two doors is a blue screen and a girl on the floor in front of it. My vision is still a bit blurry but I can just about make out a red, no white, no blue. I know this person I can feel it. It looks like...

The End

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