Chapter 4: Shiver


“I.Am.So.Fuckin.Borrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrred!” complains Skylar.

It was blistering hot today and air conditioning was only a thing we could dream about. “Yeah man. This really fricken sucks….” I agree. It had been about 6 days since we crashed in here and barely made it with our lives. We’ve kept a low profile and survived on the supplies that were in the store (surprisingly a lot). “Cut the chatter children! We are still at risk at all times. Never forget that.” Snaps Anthony from his chair in front of the window. He looks exhausted and is sweating by the bucket in his body armor. We haven’t had any trouble in these days even though we have had some really close calls. “Anthony shut up you paranoid wreck. Nothing’s happened and nothing will happen for a while as long as we play it safe.” Skylar retorts. Annoyance and irritation thick in his voice. “Care to say that again you little puke?” threatens Anthony, leaning forward in his chair: staring directly at Skylar now. They lock eyes and stare each other down for a while, daring one another to make the first move. I was about to open my mouth and break up the argument when the females of our group decide to join ussssssssssssssss oh my god.

“Jeez, you two numb nuts going at it again? Tone down the testosterone ya wanna be alphas.” Says Rayne. They decided to wear less clothing to beat the heat………….much less. Rayne had rolled up half of her shirt, revealing the toned belly she kept hidden under all those clothes. She wore short shorts and no shoes with her hair tied back in a ponytail. Long legs, tanned skin, and curves all over. She may be a bitch but she was a hot bitch. Anastasiya followed and she looked just as good if not better. Short skirt, and a see through blouse with a bandoo she had found in the store. The blouse stuck to her skin and emphasized her bust……..did I mention how big her bosom is? Huge. Lovely. “I see you are keeping those asses nice and tight ladies.” I jest. Rayne sends me a death glare that sends shivers down my spine, but that’s to be expected. Anastasiya looked at me and I saw something flash in her eyes. Arousal? Happiness? Apparently, because she gives me a slow, seductive smile and a wink. That got a reaction from me. I keep forgetting she’s a stripper and she knows how to treat a man. Makes her all the more attractive.

Skylar is practically salivating as the girls sit with us and begin to sweat a bit more making their skin all moist and glistening. I am sooo glad we got what seems to be the last remaining hot chicks on earth. I would cry a bit but I assume that would be unmanly and random at this particular time.

We continue to make small talk and distract ourselves until we hear a noise. A dull bang and the sound of something clattering to the floor in the distance. Chatter, movement, breathing all ceased; nobody even blinked. I couldn’t even hear my own heart and by the look on everyone’s face they felt the same way. Synchronized heart failure huh? Go figure. Ill consider this an achievement unlocked. We stay like this for long time, about 10 minutes (which seemed like 3 hours), until Anthony decided we were ok. We all let out a breath at the same time and contemplated what that noise could have possibly been.

“Hey Leo. Can you do me a huge favor and go to the storage place and look for some propane? Rayne says we might need a plan B.” I stare at him blankly before answering, “Are you sure about that? Id rather leave this place without my ass getting cooked to smoky crisp. I don’t want to look even MORE appetizing to the zombies out there.” He laughs a bit at the thought of that, “Hahahaha! Yeah, well something is better than nothing right? He inquires. I nod solemnly. I guess that’s true. He walks away still chuckling at my earlier statement and I proceed to the storage room.

Let’s see the propane should be somewhere near the back. I walk over there and sure enough there are a few propane tanks laying around. I grab one and check if it still has some. When I realize it doesn’t I swear to myself in a low voice. What if they are all empty? Well, I guess it wouldn’t be a major loss. “I like my buns rare and with the skin still on it if you don’t mind.” I say to myself. “Well that sounds appetizing but I’m afraid I’ll have to skip lunch today.” Says a voice I’ve never heard before. I’m about to whirl around and throw my fist when I feel something really cold against my neck. Please.Please.Please. Don’t be a- “Yeah, it’s a gun.” Says the voice as if it read my thoughts, “Now get up and go back into the store. Slowly if you don’t mind.”  I curse under my breath again and comply with the order. As I walk through the door I see all my friends on their knees with their hands above their heads. Anthony is being held by a big, BIG ass guy by gun point from behind. He was a good 6 inches bigger than Anthony and THAT is saying something. He wore body armor labeled “Flak Jacket” and several ammo belts around his chest that held 40mm grenades. He also wore olive colored slacks and had a big backpack on. They were some squarish looking objects poking out and I could swear I see the words C4 printed on it. He had piercing blue eyes and looked relatively young. His expression seemed like he didn’t like doing this kind of business. Probably the big teddy bear type. The man holding Skylar and the girls was wearing a dirty, torn, black suit with a white undershirt and black tie. He was a rather good-looking man seemingly in his mid-twenties and had a cocky ass smile plastered on his face. “Now that you know the situation you’re in,” the person behind me stepping in front of me and held her- holy hell that is a big gun. It was a gigantic magnum with custom designs on it and everything. Her build suggests she couldn’t even hold the gun up much less use it but she apparently can. She was a dirty looking yet attractive woman in her early-twenties. She had light brown hair, big green eyes, fair facial features and a scowl that had impending doom written all over it. “I assume you guys aren’t here for coffee or something write?” I joke nervously. The woman in front of me smiles and pulls the hammer back. Guess it wasn’t funny. “Can you tell us your names at least?” The man in the suit speaks, “Well, my name is Aries my young friend. The walking dynamite stick over there is Chris, and the lovely lady in front of you is Nera, the harsh beauty.” “Flattery will get you nowhere with me Aries. Now I suggest you shut up before I decide you’re an inconvenience to me.” Threatens Nera. Surprisingly, he actually does. “Here’s how this is going to go. You are going to leave. I’ll give you 5 minutes to grab whatever you can carry and leave. If you don’t we kill all of you got it?” “Please. Look we are all survivors right? We can work together can’t we? My group isn’t your enemy and we need supplies as well. Please. Let’s help each other.” I beg with her. Her face softens and I can see her thinking but she shakes her head. “Sorry kid. I wish I could. But I’ve got my own people to watch out for. You got 5 minutes starting now. Get moving.” Jesus no mercy. I look at all my teammates and they all feel what I feel. Disgrace, anger, shame, frustration, and powerless. We have no choice though. We get moving quickly to gather as many things as we can and leave before they turn us into Swiss ch

The End

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