Chapter 3: Shadows


It has been a few hours since the huge battle we just got out of. We hauled the bodies outside and rinsed most of the black blood and gore off with the water bottles we found in the market. “Mmmmm. God it feels good to get all of that disgusting grime and blood off.” Moans Anastasiya. I nod my head in agreement because lord it feels good to be a little cleaner. Never knew how much I would miss a good bath when this all went down. Strangest things happen that you wouldn’t expect when a zombie apocalypse hits. You miss showers, new clothes, washing your hands, toilets, and toilet paper MY GOD! If a zombie apocalypse ever breaks out in your dimension hoard toilet paper like if it was king Mitus’s gold. You will thank me.

Its dark out and all of us are exhausted. Something we all agreed on when we met up is that when we slept we would sleep in shifts. 2 hours each before we switch out. Simple stuff really just watch for anything suspicious and don’t fall asleep during your shift or Anthony will test out the speed and velocity necessary to drive a hole through a humans skull. Great encouragement aint it? Rayne lets out a loud yawn and lays her head down on the makeshift pillows we made out of dog food. “All right, Leo you got first watch. Don’t fall asleep or I will find out how hard I have to punch a person to put my fist through their head. Got it?” says Anthony through half-closed eyes. Told you he would try to. “Yeah don’t worry about it just get some rest.” I tell him.

Worst thing about keeping watch isn’t the fact of impending death if you fall asleep. Though it is a motivating factor I promise. It’s that you now have all this time to yourself while your comrades rest. It’s just you and your thoughts. You’d be surprised of all the things you can think of in 2 hours in the dead of night. I try not to let myself think too much and peer outside into the streets. Electricity has long since stopped working. The world is always so ridiculously dark at night without electricity. The only light source I have right now is the moonlight and lucky for me it’s a full moon tonight. Hm. Now that I take a look around its actually very beautiful outside. If you take out the burned down, demolished buildings, and dried blood everywhere: which I am sure are lovely in their own right don’t get me wrong. It’s nice and quiet, the moonlight dimly illuminates the world, the stars are out, the shadows are moving around, and I think I can hear crickets chirping. All in all a very beautif-……………. I immediately set my focus to where I saw the moving shadows inside the darkness of a fallen building. What in the hell was that? There is nothing there now but I was certain something had moved.

For the past 2 hours I stared at that spot barely blinking but I never saw any kind of movement. Could it have been my eyes messing with me? No I was positive I saw something. I shake my head in confusion as I walk over to where Skylar slept. “Skylar. Skylar wake up buddy.” I whisper. He didn’t do anything except moan a bit and turn over in his sleep. “Wake the hell up Skylar.” I whisper a little louder and closer to him. This time he doesn’t even react the little shit. “I said…..WAKE UP!” I yell as I kick him straight in the gut. His eyes fly open in panic and pain. With a loud wheeze he says, “Oh god. Argh! I…..cant….breathe. What happened?! Who…..ugh……………died?” He keeps wheezing until he finally realizes something, “Wait a minute. Did you kick me?” I chuckle and nod my head. “Yeah I did numbnuts. It’s your turn to go on watch.” He groans and gets up slowly clutching his stomach in pain. I lay down and let a breath of air. God I’m exhausted. “Did you have to kick me?” whines Skylar. “Yes. Now pay attention to what’s going on out there.”  I answer. He turns away mumbling something incoherent. Mm….sleep… I…….come………….


……………………….. “You saw the people inside right?”………. “I counted 5 of them.”………. “Can we take them?” …………… Most likely but for now we’ll just watch them.” …………….. “I feel like a stalker ;_;” ……. “Shut up.”

The End

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