Close callMature

Chapter 2: Close call


“Get the hell out of my way!” yells Rayne as she shoves past us into the supermarket. We stumble through the doors and narrowly avoid the hands of the infected grabbing at us. “Barricade this place! Come on help me!” screams Anthony as he grabs nearby chairs to bar up the door with. Skylar goes to help him out and Anastasiya and I hurry to the front door because those zombies were starting to pour in like a river. She kneels down, aims down the sight of her 9mm, and open fires into the crowd of undead. She fires 10 shots, 7 of which went straight into the zombie skulls and made them rock back as if they took a punch to the face. The other three rip right into the neck, shattering the spine and paralyzing the zombies from the neck down. Got to hand it to the girl, she can really shoot. I charge past her and raise my shotgun to my shoulder. “Aim at the chest!” yells Anthony as he comes back with a bunch of chairs, sacks of rice, and rope to barricade the door, “The recoil will make the gun shift up and you’ll blast their heads off!” Aim at the chest, breathe out, squeeze the trigger and……..boom. The recoil rattles my body like always but the payoff was AMAZING! At least 5 or 6 zombies going flying backwards with half of their heads missing, knocking the other zombies behind them back a few feet. “YEAH! ALLRIGHT!” I scream in triumph. This gives Anthony the chance he needed! He runs to the door and shuts it tight. Skylar runs over to assist him with Anastasiya and so was I until I hear Rayne shouting my name. “LEO!!! They’re coming in through the back door!!” Oh God no. I sprint past the aisles as fast as I can to where I hear Rayne struggling to keep the rear door shut. When I reach her I see her pushing the door closed on about 5 pairs of bloody hands. I rush up and ram my shoulder into the door with all my weight. That amount of pressure would break a person’s arm at least 3 times over but it barely bruises these guys. Life is just unfair like that….steroid using undead! Now with morphine in them so they don’t feel pain! Not. Fair.

As I continue to push the door into their arms Rayne gets off the door and pulls out her own 9m pistol. She lets out a bloodthirsty yell and she unloads the entire clip into the source of the blockage……..their skulls in case you haven’t figured that out. The black blood smears the walls and splatters on to Rayne’s face but she doesn’t even blink, just keeps shooting until the arms go limp. She throws a few kicks to the zombies to get them out of the way and I slam the door shut as soon as they are out of the way. “Rayne, go get me some rope or something-ANYTHING to keep this door closed!” She nods and runs off to the front of the store while I hold off the infected that are still pounding on the door trying to get in. Dammit. Why. Are. They. So. A blow on the door sends me sprawling to the ground. I look back to the door from the ground and the hinges are starting to bend in the wrong direction. I rush back into the door and put everything I have into holding that damn door closed. There are more of them now pounding into the door, shaking it and me with every blow.

Thank the gods Rayne came back when she did because my legs were about to give out. She comes back with heavy duty rope and ties the door knob to a column nearby. The door shakes and rocks but doesn’t move from there. “Come on. Let’s go check on the gorilla and the bimbo.” Says Rayne. We jog to the front of the store and it had been fully barricaded with furniture, sacks of rice, bags of coal, dog food, and…….well anything we could use really. “Everything ok on your end?” asks Anthony in a rushed breath. “Yeah man. We got everything locked down in the back. You?” I answer. “Yeah. Everything’s okay. Now we have to hide somewhere and wait for them to lose interest.” Sounds like a plan to me. “Are you fucking kidding me? You really are a big, stupid ape aren’t you? How in the world are we going to hide? They can find us at any moment by smelling us out. We cannot hide anywhere!” snaps Rayne. I can see the anger rise in Anthony’s face, “Then what in the HELL do you propose we do Miss wanna-be  scientist?!” Oh boy this is not the time for this. Not now! “Oh you want to hear my idea? I think the best course of action is to throw your ass out there with them, have them eat your monkey brains, and the rest of us will survive in here. You’ll have died for something at least.” I look to the barricade and I see the bags and furniture starting to shift. I hear the groan of metal being bent in the distance. The back door is starting to give as well. “You BITCH! I dare you! Try! Just try it you little mothe-“  “GUYS!!!!” Anthony and Rayne’s eyes snap to me and I can see the fury in both of them. It almost makes me shut up……...almost. “If you idiots could get your heads out of your asses you would notice that the zombies are starting to break in here!” This catches their attention because now they look to the barricade and their eyes fill with dread. Wait there was a meat locker in here! “There was a meat locker next to the back door! If we are lucky, it still has some Wilburs hanging from the hooks and that could mask our scents. But we need to move now!” There wasn’t any argument. We all ran to the suggested meat locker and barged inside. I close the door behind us and luckily, there were still quite a few pigs still hanging here. All rotten to hell but hey! The worse they smelled the better for us!

We all pick a separate pig and hide behind it. God they smell horrible! Like sautéed raccoons assholes on a stick. Don’t ask me how I know that smell. We hear the metal hinges finally give way and the back door breaks inwards. Not long after we hear the front door barricade fall to pieces and the moans of the dead fill the supermarket. We can hear them shuffling around, looking, smelling, listening for us. We hear their awkward footfalls and groans as they stumble through the store. Will they find us? We have absolutely no way of getting out of here except the way we came in and if 20+ corpses decide to use that entrance we are thoroughly screwed.

We wait and wait and wait………..and wait… least 3 hours have gone by before we don’t hear anymore noises. “Are-are they gone?” whispers Skylar. I don’t answer but I move to the door and very, very, VERY slowly open the door and sure enough they were all gone. With a sigh of relief I say, “Yeah. It’s okay. We’re safe everyone.” The relief that poured from everyone was almost touchable. Anthony took a glance at Rayne and opens his mouth but Rayne cuts him off, “If you dare to try to apologize to me I will gouge out your eyeballs with my scalpel.” She stands up, dusts herself off, and walks out of the freezer with an absolute neutral expression but as she passes by I caught the ghost of a smirk on her lips. Anthony looked at me in expectation and I winked at him. Every time Rayne does that it means she’s forgiven you. Anthony smiles in relief and stands up wearily, “Hell of a day huh Leo?” “Hell of a day? Nah man. It’s not every day I’m chased by the living dead, fighting for my life, hiding behind rotting pig carcasses, and blowing people’s head off. It was truly an experience Anthony.” He lets out a hearty laugh and we walk out of the freezer together. Just another day on this lovely earth. And then you guys complain about YOUR lives.

The End

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