A plague has taken our world. Everything's gone to &%^# in a matter of months. Now, I know what you're thinking......ZOMBIES %%&@ YEAH!!!! THIS IS WHAT IV'E BEEN WAITING FOR!!! LET'S KILL SOME !@*&i Well, let me tell you how "dead" wrong you are. These zombies aren't like in the movies. Not entirely. They can coordinate with each other, their senses are augmented, their strength is damn near superhuman, and they can infect virtually anything. Humans, animals, insects, hell! Even the water supply

Chapter 1: Watermelons


I want you guys, the readers, to picture a watermelon right now. A big, ripe, juicy watermelon: just begging to be eaten. Now, imagine that watermelon exploding into a cacophony of watermelon juice and watermelon chunks. It’s all over the place! Got all that in your head? Great, now replace all that juice with blood as black as the void of space. Sticky, thick, and revolting black blood. Replace the watermelon chunks with brain matter, skull fragments, teeth with little pieces of gums still on it, and other wonderful bits of cranium. Okay? That……….is what just combusted in front of my face. My friend here was trying to save my life and I appreciate it. I really do but was it necessary to do it so close to me? The gore splattered on to me and smelled like a rotting carcass. Well…….makes sense since that is basically what it was: a walking carcass. They go by many names. The Infected, walkers, shamblers, flea bags, cadavers, walking dead (whiskey deltas if you’re in the military), zombies, death bringers, harbingers of Satan, undead, or my personal favorite, marrow sucking maggot whores. Whatever it is you want to call them, they’re all the same thing.

The friend I was talking about his name is Anthony. He’s 25 years old, 5’11, with dark chocolate brown hair (though he has a buzz cut), and light brown eyes. He has a defining scar running down his right eye that he acquired from his mother. No one knows who is father is because….well let’s not sugarcoat it….she was a damn whore and a nasty one at that. She knew really knew how to pleasure a man, or so they say. Only way she could make money in Cuba. He studied hard in school and eventually got a ticket out of there and to the USA when his mother was murdered by one of her clients. He lived with his uncle and here; he joined the navy and found his love for sniping. He became one of the best in his entire regiment. Now he is a really nice guy and a generally cheerful and kind-hearted soldier. He will protect his friends at all costs and that’s why we love him. Just don’t piss the big guy off cause’ then shit gets real. He carries around his signature sniper rifle, the Remington bolt action sniper rifle, a standard Glock 18, and a 870 MCS shotgun as a backup that he lets me use.

After the corpse collapses into a bloody, headless heap In front of me we continue to run to our original target. The empty supermarket ahead of us. Easy enough except we are being chased by about 24 of the infected. Great exercise though. “Come on!! Run! Run faster! Move!” That’s Anastasiya. She is our very own sexy stripper born and raised in Mother Russia. She is 23 and stands at 5’0 with black hair (dyed purple at the tips). Beautiful gray eyes and bodacious but kickass babe. She’s a bit reserved but very friendly and intelligent surprisingly. She has a rebellious streak and considers herself an independent woman though she prefers to follow rather than lead.

“Shut the hell up you freaking bimbo! We are running as fast as we can!” Meet Rayne, our emotionless ice queen. She is a forensic scientist and if I told you that she looks attractive I will most likely wake up without my balls. She is 22 and 5’6 with burgundy dyed hair and vampire green eyes. Sometimes I think they might be real. She never told us if they were contacts or not and I’m not sure if I want to find out. “GUYYYYYYYYYSSSSS! They are right BEHIND US!!!” That is Skylar, the youngest of the group. He’s 5’11, like Anthony, but much skinnier obviously. Anthony is a damn grizzly bear. He is 16 and has dark brown hair with light brown eyes. I don’t know much about what happened in his past. All I know is that zombies killed his parents and he is out for blood…..black blood. A zombie comes from behind the supermarket and rushes at us. I raise my shotgun, aim, and ready for this? FIRE! The buckshot blasts out of my gun with a loud BANG! and rips into and through the walker’s head! Boom headshot bitch hahaha! *Ba dum tss* As he collapses to the ground I jump over the motionless corpse and run full sprint to the supermarket. Ah! I forgot to introduce myself as well! My name is Leonardo. I’m 17 years old and 6’1 in height. I got jet black hair, light brown eyes, and lean body build (single too ladies). Despite my *ahem* obvious charisma I am the most level headed of the group. I am an amazing strategist and do great under pressure. Battle doesn’t faze and I do what I have to in order to survive. I’ve been interested in psychology ever since I could speak and was about to go into college to major in that very field. Sadly, the zombies had other plans. I have an older brother called Lennex and he is a total psychopath. I’ve had to get him out of trouble more times than I can count and keep him from making decisions that will mess up his life forever. Like killing people, that seems to be a hobby for him. Now that that is out of the way, allow me to formally introduce you. We are in the year 2014 in a place called Teruna. The world has gone to absolute hell and we must now fight to survive every day for the rest of our lives. Ain’t that dandy?! These zombies are ridiculously OP. I mean they are resistant to any type of physical damage, can coordinate with each other, are ridiculously strong, and if that wasn’t enough their sense of smell, sight, and hearing have all been INCREASED! Not decreased as most people would think. Bullets barely go through the damn bastards and they are really really realllllllly hard to kill. They bleed black blood, have pale, lime green irises, and the whites of their eyes are as black as onyx. You have now been brought up to speed so congratulations and welcome to the fucking apocalypse. We do NOT have cookies. Fuck off.

The End

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