Doe runs as fast as fast as her feet can carry her. The files are all stored in the usb chip clenched in her hand. She hear the slap of feet behind her.

The rain falls heavily and the guards following her are finding it hard to see. While see hears clearly as if it was a summers day. She yanks her phone out of her pocket and dials the number.

"Delphi, I need a collection stat" Doe shouts down the phone.

"Okay theirs an exit a mile away. Outside conren" Delphi says down the phone. Doe snaps the phone shut and aims in the direction of the shop, conren.

She turns left hearing a guard slip behind her. She smiles and turns right on to the amin street.

She spots the shop and runs over to the door. She looks behind her, he black shoulder length hair flicking water. Her grey eyes widen when she sees the guards step on to the street. She turns opening the door and steps through, excaping from the guards but not entering the shop.

The End

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