Images bombarded his consciousness; so many jumbled bits of data he couldn’t be sure what he was seeing. Big Ben, the Tower of London, the Eifel Tower, the mermaid in Copenhagen all flew across his vision like mini photo flashes interspersed with documents labeled TOP SECRET and mug shots of people of all colors and sizes.

“Quite a rush, isn’t it, Mr. Hunter?” said a disembodied, computerized voice who called himself Delphi.

Marcus’ eyes darted around the room as he spun on his heel. “Who said that?”

He stumbled forward and rested his hand on a nearby laptop positioned on a table. He tried to steady himself but instead computer schematics and what he could only call binary code swam in his vision. A blinding pain wracked his brain. He cried out in agony and jerked his hand from the machine.

“What in the hell is going on?” Marcus fell into a nearby chair holding his head.

“You’ve been enhanced, Mr. Hunter,” the digitized voice of Delphi said.

“Enhanced?” Marcus marveled at what that could possibly mean. “Why? Why me?”

“You will understand in time,” Delphi said.

He could feel the voice leave him as a sudden pop in the atmosphere echoed through the room. He then experienced an curious weakness as if the very core of his being had been extracted from his body.

“This is not good,” Marcus said as he fell forward passing out on his bed.

The End

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