Engulf me.

A little something I wrote in school when I was bored.

I lay on the wet grass, the mud sticking in my hair. All my cares washed away with the rain that poured on my tight skin. The night sky hung over me, draping me in its darkness as I lay there. Perfectly still. The passing traffic noises all melded into a soft hum in the background of my thoughts. My mind became calm, for once, as the stillness of the night cradled me in its tender, invisible arms.

In the sunlight I feel exposed and burned, like everyone can see right through my camouflage. At least here, in the darkness, no-one can find me. No-one can even ask me what I’m doing, because I’m all alone. Just me, the traffic and the night sky, alone.

I wear a mask, which is melted into the very pores of my face. No-one knows the real me. I'm not the person you think I am. I'm not the person you want me to be.

My hands balled up into fists. The wind now forcing the slowly pattering rain to attack my face, whip me with an unforgiving force. I took the blows from mother nature. Knowing that this was the only punishment perfect little me was ever going to recieve.

The stars drifted to earth. They swirled with an unimaginable grace around my stiff, numb body.

My fingertips dared to touch the swirling angels.

I slowly reached out.

The light astonishing the devil in me.


Fire slowly coursed through my veins, through my heart. Through my mind.

I gagged, the angelic stars now laughing willl glee at my pain. Blood gushed from my mouth uncontrollably. My hands scratched at the blood with was being devoured by the mud.

I buried my face into the sticky mud, which now smelt of my blood, tangy and metallic.

I slowly felt my body leaving earth. Leaving the mask. Leaving the lies.

The fire now raged inside. Burning my thoughts. Burning my eyes. Burning my skin.

The End

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