Perception of Woman in the Media

As we look at the media everyday a huge portion of it based on women,

The woman are portrayed as perfect,beautiful females through every stage of their life,it

isn't this way at all, not every girl in every way is perfect.When you watch shows

categorized as "reality" it isn't very much reality at all they choose very beautiful females

to catch peoples attention and its never personality based. Every female is expected to look

at certain way as a child, teenager, and adult.It shouldn't be this way, if the media doesn't

change it's ways then what will girl's always think of themselves?It isn't fair in any way.

Every female won't value themselves the way they should.




Firstly, in the media children are portrayed as perfect faced females with an attitude,

for example if you watch the show "Toddlers & Tiaras" the females on that show

are expected to be spray tanned, hair all curled or even pinned up, their close is always

over expensive dresses and clothes and forced to compete based on dances or a talent and

their beauty.The idea is a little sickening, and shouldn't be advertised in the media, 

children  are still learning and will never be any wheres near perfect as a child.

They shouldn't be shown this way on the show because it can cause some children to not

feel beautiful enough or maybe they will think the attitude they have is okay, the show

could really effect the way they are and how they see themselves in person.

Secondly, teenagers have a huge factor in the media and can be majorly impacted by the 

media, for example if you watch the show "Skins" its based on teens who do drugs every

night, wear inappropriate clothes at school and have sexual intercourse with anyone, its 

completely over exaggerated on how teens act now.The girls are beautiful and have an 

extremely small body's with long hair and everything a girl could want, the way 

 that girls look at the media is always how they wish they looked in reality but its basically 

impossible to live up too, its unfair for any female that the media shows teenage girls the 

the way they do, it gives the wrong impression and can effect the way the teenagers feel

about themselves badly.

Thirdly, in the media adult females are portrayed as stuck up woman that only care about

money and looks, and glamour.For example  if you watch any of the "Housewives" shows 

its about girls who have plastic surgery done, date rich men often for the money and not 

love and they always make drama for themselves towards other people. It's pretty 

unrealistic and makes females look pretty bad. Female's are being shown in the worst

ways possible and it's telling you its okay for modify yourself into what the media

believes its what you need to look like, which is not right at all, and for the personality most

women will not just marry someone for their money, its degrading to some woman what 

they are showing for "Housewives", it is not realistic in the least.

In conclusion, the media portrays woman in the media in the wrong way for "reality" 

television shows when it isn't realistic at all, it can manipulate females to act a certain

way that they shouldn't or even modify their body's even if they are beautiful in their

own way.It can really affect the way males see females and the way females see 

themselves in their lifetime

The End

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