Find the kids with the policeMature

just then, a very loud BOOM was heard in the distance, and a shock wave ran through the ground and made everyone lose their footing. there was very bright flash coming from outside and the building was still shaking from the sonic blast.  To the horror of everyone in the room, they slowly realized that their lives would be coming to end very shortly.  

The machines had launched their first wave of attack on the human race, just like Calvins mother had predicted, by deploying all of Skynet's nuclear rockets onto the major cities around the world.  Calvin knew as he starred into the sky, watching the rockets fly overhead, that there was no more altering the past to change the future. The present is all that mattered, and survival was going to be paramount if Calvin wanted to defeat the machines. 

His first major objective was to find the prime minister of Canada, if he was still alive, and convince to decriminalize weed. If he could do this, Calvin would administer the drug to the head computer in charge of Skynet.  With the logic that all hippies were against war and fighting, and they all smoked weed, perhaps the main computer would change its objective from attacking humans to making sweet music.

The End

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