Paul's Dark DescentMature

As Detective Green scanned the street looking for a cab a bright red sports car caught his eye. There was a young man that just had to run into a store and left his girlfriend in the car with the keys. Paul couldn’t pass this up; he approached the car and pulled his gun “Get out of the Car! Miami PD!” She screamed rolling out of the car and Green jumped in.  He sped away hearing the young man yelling in the background. As he sped along the highway to get to the airport he couldn’t help but worry about what he had just done. Green screeched to a halt in the airport drop off area and abandoned his car as he went into the airport. He ran to the nearest booth asking for a ticket to Colombia. Thankfully because he had saved so much time by stealing the car he was able to catch a last minute flight and before he knew it he was walking out of the plane in Colombia.

The warm humid air was like he was at home but he could already see the poverty around him. As he walked out the front of the airport he flagged down a cab taking it to a contact he had in Colombia. His contact already had a location of the base in the rainforest and game Detective Green two choices. He could take a mule which would be slower but allow him to sneak in un detected or they had an off road vehicle he could also take which would be fast for him but they would definitely hear him coming and he would have to take the front road to it instead of sneaking around back. So would he take the mule and have the element of surprise or would he decide that time was of the essence and take the off road vehicle.

The End

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