Find the Missing KidsMature

Officer Green knew finding those children  was the right thing to do and so he set off in search of the two biker gangs, he would send his team to find Mr. Ghoul. He needed to find both sets of parents and give them his newly obtained information to end this war. He arrived at an old warehouse suspected of being a hideout for one of the gangs. As he approached the doors he could hear the soft murmer of voices inside, he slid open the metal door and stepped in. Heads turned toward him as he walked in and one man started towards him. "I am looking for Mr. Reed." Green announced. "What do you want with him?" questioned the man who was approaching. "I have reason to believe I may know where his daughter, Shelly, has disappeared to along with her friend and with this I wish to put an end to the conflicts between you and the other gang. The man stopped, "you have found my daughter? Someone call my ex wife, tell her they have found Shelly." A woman in the back dailed and began to speak  softly into the reciever. "She's on her way." said the woman after she hung up. Green knew the other gang's hide out was close and as expected within minutes he could hear the low rumble of approaching motorcycles. The metal door slid open again and several people walked in. In the lead a woman  who was swiftly making her way over to Green and the man standing next to him. "You found them?" she said. "I think so, yes, Mrs. Reed." replied officer Green. A smile spread across her face and she asked "so how do we get them back?" Green looked around at the anxious faces, he was not even sure how they would track them down and bring them home. "I will get a team together to find their exact whereabouts and-" Mr. Reed had cut him off "actually officer," he turned and smirked to everyone in the room "I think we want to find them ourselves, our own way and Mr. Ghoul too."

The End

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