Branch 1Mature

Joe and Bob exchanged looks of horror as they were handcuffed and slammed against the hoods of the police cars. "Get them outta here!" barked Green. The officers thrust them into the back of the car and threw their luggage in a van that led them on their way to the police station. Once they arrived at the station they were thrown into a cold dark room with nothing but a table and 3 chairs. Detective Green stormed into the room and threw his chair wish a crash against the wall. He grabbed the hanging light and shined it in their faces "You better tell me everything I want to know or I will make the rest of your lives miserable." Joe and Bob exchanged uneasy looks but neither said anything. As they squinted through the light back at Detective Green he threatened "tell me where the shipment was going and tell me where Mr. Ghoul …” Before Green finished his sentence there was an explosion outside of the interrogation room and he could hear shots being fired. He spun around to look at the door but as he did Bob threw himself into Green knocking him on the ground. As Bob and Joe grabbed his keys and started to unlock the door Green pulled out his gun, firing but he only caught Joe in the leg. As Joe fell he dropped something and without noticing he had lost it continued to scramble to escape.  Next thing Green knew he had been hit in the head with one of the chairs everything around him slipping into darkness. When Detective Green awoke he slowly got to his feet dreading what he would see when he left the room.  And he looked out the door he saw the piece of folded paper that Joe had dropped. He picked it up and unfolded it as he read he was astonished to find not only a lead for this case but also for one that he had been working on for years. He found out where Mr. Ghoul’s hideout was deep in the rainforest of Colombia. He also discovered a clue to a case he had been working on biker gangs that had been terrorizing Miami, two divorced parents that had lost their children were at war on the streets and he had been trying to stop it. Maybe if he could use this information of their children being held as slaves he could find them and bring this biker gang war to an end. Detective Paul Green wasn’t sure which case to pursue first but he was determined that they could both be solved...  

The End

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