Branch 1Mature

Both pilots were aware of the illegal item the plane was carrying since they were the ones who ensured it made it onto the plan and would also make it off and into the hands of their boss', Mr. Ghoul, most loyal customer, Ernie. Mr. Ghoul cronies all over the country that allowed him to run his business. He was one of the most notorious mob bosses in the entire country. As the plane landed Joe radioed down to the unloading crew that had been specially put together by Mr. Ghoul for this flight. To the airport personell this looked like any regular cargo plane as did the crew who began to work on it, no one was aware of the corrupted business that was going on. Joe and Bob found Ernie on the tarmack near the plane leaning against a windowless commercial van waiting for them and his cocaine. The two pilots made their way over to Ernie pushing in front of them a large cart carrying the crates which held his drugs. As they approached Ernie three police cars raced toward the men surrounding them. "What's going on?" Bob asked in an uneasy voice. Ernie pulled a police badge out of his coat and flashed it toward the two pilots. "Officer Paul Green, you are all under arrest."...

The End

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