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Carlos and Shelly looked at each other with the same scared look, each one hoping that the other would say something encouraging. Carlos said; "I bet i can run up that tall flight of stairs and back before you could say 'scaredy cat' 3 times". "You're on", replied Shelly, at which point Carlos sprinted up the dimly lit stairway, but before he could reach the top of the stairs, the front door slammed shut! Shelly was shocked to see the door close so fast and hard, almost as if someone was standing behind the door and waited for someone to walk in. "Carlos" she screamed; "Carlos come to the door!" bu all she heard in response was silence.
Shelly tried to turn the nob and open the door but it wouldn't budge. As she took a couple steps backwards to look up at the house, a trap door opened up beneath her feet and she fell into a black darkness, never to be heard from again. Mr. Ghoul's had successfully captured the two children and decided to sell the children to the black market. He contacted his pirate friends in Cambodia and sent the children off to be slaves for the rest of their lives, and their parents divorced and joined separate biker gangs. 

Meanwhile on a airplane, Joe and Bob were piloting a shipment of cocaine destined for Miami...


The End

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