ENGL 388 Collaborative storyMature

A collaborative story from our group.

Carlos and Shelly were the best of friends and every year on Halloween they would dress up and venture out into the night to Trick or Treat. As Carlos and Shelly left Carlos' house to begin their quest for candy his mother warned them "Don't go down to Blackstone Street! That's where Mr. Ghoul's house is, remember he doesn't like trespassers." They set off down the street waving goodbye to his mother. As the night went on Carlos and Shelly got more and more candy until they felt like they were going to collapse under all of their sweets. Before they knew it their adventure for candy had taken them all the way to Blackstone Street. As they peered down the dimly lit street they could see in the distance, the grey outline of Mr. Ghoul's mansion. No one had seen him for years and there were rumors of the house now being haunted. Shelly punched Carlos in the arm teasing him to see who could go closer to the house. As they ran up the street they could see the tall hedges that surrounded the house only parting to allow a thin stone path that led to the front door. They dashed up the path and as Carlos ran up the porch steps he tripped tumbling into the door which swung open to expose a long dark hallway...

The End

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