this is about someone living with anxiety



I am my biggest enemy

I destroy myself

I let my fears control me

I don’t even feel the same anymore


I am constantly battling with myself

Because I want to do good

But I can’t bring myself to do it

I am scared of something

But I’m not exactly sure what it is


All I know is that there is part of me

That turns me into someone I’m not

I know myself I don’t want to give up

But something is making me


I try to do my best

But it backfires all the time

I take 5 steps forward

10 steps back

I feel like I’m never going to be anything

Because I’m always going backwards


I am alone in this world because of this

Not many people have to go through

A constant battle with yourself

Which makes it tiring all the time

Making it a hard fight


I am always insecure about myself and who I am

I literally hate myself

I have zero confidence


Well because how could you?

When you’re going through this

It ruins your self-esteem

And everything you are.







The End

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