Enemies Become Lovers Chapter 6Mature

Chapter 6

Dray’s POV


     I’m sitting in Demitri’s room on his lap crying into his shirt. He keeps repeating, “It’s going to be ok sweetie.”  Over and over again, once my fit is over I tell him all about my day, and how he ruined it. Ever since we were little I’d always go to him whenever I cried. We eventually lay down on his bed with my head on his chest. He doesn’t say a word and neither do I. It felt like we were there for a short time but, in walks the devil himself and says, “That dinner is ready.”  I quickly wipe my face of any trace of the tears I shed for him. I get up take Demitri by the hand and walk over to the dining room. I keep my head down and go over to sit next to my dad. It was quiet all through dinner, halfway through I had to get up and go to my room. I knew that the days to come would just get harder and harder, so with that thought I took a nice long relaxing bath. Once done with that I was so tired as soon as my head hit the pillow I was out like a light.



I’m walking through the house and no one seems to be home. It’s quiet and creepy; it’s even more so that with every step I take the floor creaks and groans. There’s a movie planning in the theatre room. I get closer and closer seeing that the door is open just a crack. I peak in to see no other but Alex and that whore. The strange thing is her face, is paler than what it usually is. I want to get closer but fear spreads through my body not knowing what the hell is going on. I only lean forward a bit but I loose my balance and fall through the door. Alex looks up, and in that moment I knew exactly why she was so pale. BLOOD was dripping down his chin and his eyes were red, the color of blood. My mind goes wild and I crawl backwards hoping that he’ll leave me alone.

     Alex gets up off the couch and I watch every step that he takes towards me. I’ve backed myself into the wall and deep down I know this is it. He’s two feet from me and I close my eyes in sheer terror, I can feel his breath on me. He pulls me up by my throat, and tilts my head. I’m shaking so badly, that I tense up when his mouth gets closer and closer to my neck. I’m waiting for him to bite me but then I just feel his now warm lips give me tender kisses. I look in his eyes to see love and care. I open my mouth to tell him to let me go, but his bloodied lips only crash down upon mine. I can taste Jessica’s blood on his tongue and lips. When I try to break away from the kiss he only proceeds down to my neck. My breath is coming out in ragged forms. I ask, “Alex, why did you kill her?”   He only nips at my skin in return. I can feel his teeth scrape at my skin. I pull his head away from my neck, he roars at me, “Dray, get away from me before I turn on you too!” The next thing I know he plunged his teeth into me and is draining me dry.

*End dream*

     I wake up screaming with sweat running down my forehead. Alex rushes into my room, but I’m so scared of him that I just scoot away from his hands. He can see the fear in my eyes and backs up against the wall. Demitri rushes in and I throw myself into his arms. He shushes me until I am finally calm enough to talk to him.


Alex’s POV

     It’s after dinner and I’m up in my room. I cant close my eyes without seeing the hurt Audrina’s eyes. At two in the morning I am startled to hear my precious angel screaming. I rush into her room just to see her move back in fear. I can see it in her eyes, so much fear, but fear of what? Me, of who I am? I can only walk backwards with my eyes never leaving her face. The low-life trainer comes running and Dray jumps right into her arms. I leave her room and can’t help but think as to why her fear is directed towards me. I go to my room and sit there thinking until morning light.


Dray’s POV

     Days go by and I can’t speak, to anyone. My mind is plagued by that dream. The only one who could ever know about my dream is Charlie. During lunch I’m sitting out by the tree, her aunt is some kind of Physic and helped her dissect my dream. She babbles on but what caught my attention was, “You’re jealous that Jessica has him and you wish she wasn’t in the picture. But at the same time there is some part of you that fear Alex and what he might do if you were a couple.” I couldn’t believe that came out of her mouth. I stand up in shock and scream at her, “I don’t have feelings for Alex and I never will!” Walking away I glance up to see his face. I regret ever looking up for I see this sudden sadness in this eyes. I walk over to my car and get in, I drive home skipping the rest of the school day. I walk in the house slamming doors and my dad walks into my room. “Young lady what are you doing home? You better have a reasonable excuse?”  When I look up he sees thee tears in my eyes. “Baby, what’s wrong?”  I tell him about everything, the dream, what Charlie says it means, and my feelings towards him and Jessica. His advice is not so great, “Honey apologize to Charlie and sit down and talk to Alex.” He sees the distaste and just nods his head yes. I’m home for the rest of the day. When school lets out I call Charlie to apologize and tell her that she’s right about everything. When I hear Alex come through the door and walks up the stairs I peek my head out and ask, “Alex can I talk...”  But I stop in mid sentence due to Jessica standing there. I close my door and I just wait, and wait for her to leave. I knew it was a bad idea but what the hell do I know.


Alex’s POV

     During lunch I’m still thinking about Dray. All of a sudden I hear her yell, that she doesn’t and will never have feelings for me. I never knew I had any emotions until I came to live with this annoying, beautiful girl. For the first time in my life I felt hurt. She looked straight at me and I knew right then that I would make her mine anyway I could. The first step was to get rid of this dog permanently attached to my arm. The school day ended and I had Jessica take me home and asked her inside. I walked up the stairs thinking over how I would end it. As I passed her room she stuck her head out and said, “Alex can I talk…” but that is all the words that she said once she noticed the little doggy. I knew that I once again hurt her and walked in my room with the puppy following behind me to finally get rid of her.

The End

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